13,575 taxpayers have already delivered 2007 IRS via the Internet

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Two months before the deadline for submitting the first shipment of tax returns, 13.575 taxpayers have already used the online platform of the General Directorate of Taxes. Were delivered online 3,819 tax returns from the 1st Phase and 9,938 tax returns from the so-called 2nd Phase, with a longer delivery time.

From year to year the use of the service online increases, assuming itself as an increasingly common way of sending annual tax returns to the competent authorities. In 2007 (between the 1st and the 2nd phase), more than 2.9 million declarations were delivered in this way, a growth of almost 29 percent compared to the previous year.

The total numbers of electronic filing of declarations by companies and individuals to the Directorate General for Contributions and Taxes are significantly more expressive, since they include a set of areas where the route online is the only one allowed for delivery. In total, a total of 12.6 million electronic statements were delivered last year. This year nearly 2 million statements have reached the finance services.

Visible is also a growth in the number of users registered in the electronic declarations service. Since the beginning of the year, DGCI has 125,103 new users registered on the platform.

The 1st IRS delivery phase is reserved for dependent workers and pension beneficiaries and online delivery can be made until April 15th. The 2nd Phase covers all workers with income earned by means other than dependent work or pensions and the delivery period online lasts until 25 May. Paper deliveries end on 17 March and 30 April, respectively.

The delivery online tax declarations will again be supported this year by a system for pre-filling in the declarations that notify the taxpayer whenever the data provided there diverge from the information held by the services, or through the declarations delivered by employers or accessible through others State services.

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