13% use the mobile phone for guidance

13% use the mobile phone for guidance

Thirteen percent of those surveyed by Nokia in a survey are the mobile phone they use when they are lost.

The number is significant, in the 25 percent universe that admits to using digital navigation tools.

Respondents in the study also admit that they are often lost.

It is so with 93 percent of respondents, which represents a waste of about 13 minutes on a trip.

Usually the culprit is the traveling companion, who gives the wrong information.

One in five people believe they have a good sense of orientation and that this is a genetic trait.

Another conclusion pointed out by the study is that Germany reveals the best direction for the research carried out.

A third of the population has never been lost, perhaps because it is also the country heard most dependent on satellite navigation.

According to the study, the European capitals where people most fear losing themselves are London and Paris.

The survey was conducted by ICM, with 12,500 people from 13 different countries.

Portugal is not included in the group.