13 thousand cloned cards canceled in one year in Portugal

Sapo opens laboratory at the University of Aveiro

Unicre was forced to cancel thirteen thousand credit and debit cards within a year for suspected cloning. The news is advanced in today’s edition of Jornal de Notícias, which quotes the Public Ministry to say that the authorship of the counterfeits is the responsibility of a group of Romanian origin with headquarters in Spain.

The phenomenon of cloned cards has been on the increase with offenders resorting, in most cases, to ATM machines installed on gas pumps to try to read data from the cards used by customers and thereby copies that give access to the customer’s account. in question.

The method used by offenders also follows rules that are almost always repeated. Counterfeit cards are used simultaneously by several individuals to withdraw money, which makes it difficult for the police to act in detention and denotes sophistication of the crime, Unicre considers.

So far the police have arrested two men caught in the act using counterfeit cards. One, awaiting the outcome of the trial, was found with 45 fake cards and was part of an operation that may have used around 500 cloned cards to make withdrawals from various parts of the country and abroad. Already identified, 138 cloned cards were used in this operation, which allowed the withdrawal of 18,330 euros.

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