13 epic quotes by Richard Stallman


In response to requests in the article “13 epic phrases by Linus Torvalds“, We are coming to the second edition of this series with the father of the GNU project and pioneer of the free software movement, Richard Stallman, with a selection of phrases made by our team, which somehow show the thinking of this eccentric hacker.

Richard Matthew Stallman, or simply RMS, is the author of opinions and phrases that cause controversy in society and in the world of technology, here we select 13 of his famous phrases:

1 – Freedom is not choosing who to love. It is not loving anyone.

2 – Free does not mean free. (Disambiguation of the word “free” in English).

3 – GNU is a single operating system, Linux is just one of its cores.

4 – If you see someone drowning and know how to swim, you have a moral duty to save them, unless one of them is George Bush or Aznar.

5 – Steve Jobs, the pioneer in turning computers into prisons.

6 – Governments (states) must invest in free software to regain their sovereignty.

7 – Why do you think Microsoft gives almost free copies of the Windows operating system to schools and children? It’s like giving addictive drugs, the first dose is free, after you become addicted, you have to pay.

9 – Any decision that leads a person comes from values ​​and goals. People can have many different goals and values: fame, profit, love, survival, fun and freedom are just some of the goals that a good person can have. When the goal is to help others as well as yourself, we call it idealism.

10 – Prostitution, adultery, necrophilia, zoophilia, possession of child pornography and even incest and pedophilia … must be legal, as long as you do not force anyone. They are only illegal because of prejudice and narrow minds.

11 – Receiving the Linus Torvalds Award as a Free Software Foundation at LinuxWorld99 is almost like giving the Han Solo Award to the Rebel Alliance.

12 – If we value our freedom, we can maintain and defend it.

13 – The future depends on our philosophy.

And did you already know these phrases by Stallman? The next chapter will be with quotes by John McAfee, as you asked, but you can still leave your opinion. Which other tech personality would you like to see compiled from epic phrases? Leave your suggestion and see you next time!

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