13 epic John McAfee phrases


John McAfee is one of the most curious figures in the world of technology, over time he has been involved in many controversies with drugs and calls himself the “hacker of hackers”. Today we are going to meet 13 memorable phrases from the creator of the popular McAfee antivirus.

Continuing our series of phrases spoken by personalities from the world of technology, which already had participations from Linus Torvalds and Richard Stallman, it’s time for a guy who likes to get attention, John McAfee, come on?

1 – “I don’t want to live in a society where everyone knows everything. This creates chaos, conflicts and arguments. ”

2 – “England and the United States are exposing corruption and saying that you are not adult enough to make your own decisions. That your decisions are not safe enough as those that the government takes for you to allow you to be yourself, because your decisions can get everyone to the ground, according to them. Corruption is an inner thing, it is a corrupt soul instead of a corrupt principle. ”

3 – «If you are treated as the enemy, you are the enemy.»

4 – “Knowing how to hack does not mean that you will go out and rob banks.”

5 – «Hacking is not about breaking systems, it is about breaking minds.»

6 – “I can make you publicize me in several effective ways and that in other ways it would take more than a year to become known where I want to be. I can do it through several ways: through fear, through sudden confusion, through downloading a three-dollar piece of software from Google Play… ”

7 – “If you try to solve something that changes the status quo of a political system it is better to be prepared to be crucified. ”

8 – “I like English tea and sandwiches.” (explaining why he went to England).

9 – «How did we get to this point of madness?» (on his visit to Facebook)

10 – “You are a secretary. They will put someone in front of you, it is the dream of a man that you have been looking for all your life with the same interests as you. Two weeks later, he has his password and he is out of his life. Do you think that doesn’t happen? It happens all the time. This is how you get hacked socially. “

11 – «Instead of finding the evidence that they were paying me to find, I found horrible evidence of murder, drug trafficking and human beings.» (On why he hacked the government of Belize)

12 – “This will be everywhere and the world will have to adapt. The governments of the world will have to adapt. ” (Talking about Bitcoins)

13 – “You can’t stop things like Bitcoin. It’s like trying to stop gunpowder. ”

So, did you already know these quotes by John McAfee? Leave your suggestion of personality from the world of technology for the next chapters of our series of “epic phrases” in the comments below. Which phrase did you like the most?

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