13 ″ MacBook Pro (2019) is homologated by Anatel

It took much longer than normal, but now it was: the new 13-inch MacBook Pro, launched by Apple in early June, was finally approved by the National Telecommunications Agency (also known as Anatel).

Here is the homologation certificate of the machine (model A2159):

Approval of the new 13-inch MacBook Pro

Below, photos of the unit sent by Apple to the agency:

Approval of the new 13-inch MacBook Pro

The prices of variations of the new notebook have already been released by Apple and, as we reported, have been readjusted upwards.

The most affordable 13 ″ MacBook Pro (with four-core processor and 1.4GHz; 128GB SSD) now costs R $ 12,000 instead of R $ 11,700 (an increase of 2.6%); the model with the same processor and 256GB is costing R $ 13,600 instead of R $ 13,300 (2.3% increase). In practice, we are talking about R $ 300 more in each of them, when comparing with the 2018 models.

Recalling that, with the update, Apple removed the 13 ″ MacBook Pro without Touch Bar – all of them now have a touch sensitive bar equipped with Touch ID.

It is now a matter of time before they are made available for purchase at the Apple Online Store.