120,000 sessions to watch football on Vodafone Mobile TV

120,000 sessions to watch football on Vodafone Mobile TV

The mobile phone is already a viable alternative to watch the 2010 World Cup games. Vodafone has just confirmed that since the beginning of the tournament, it has already registered around 120 thousand television sessions on mobile phones.

Portugal’s game against North Korea, which ended recently with an unprecedented rout, was the most watched event ever on Vodafone Mobile TV.

Vodafone has secured the rights to mobile content and the broadcast of the World Cup in South Africa, allowing its customers to watch 64 World Cup matches live on their mobile phones.

The Internet and mobile phones have become an alternative to television mainly due to the hours at which games are broadcast, almost entirely at times when most people are working.

In addition to Vodafone, TMN also transmits the games shown by RTP through Meo Mobile. Contacted by TeK the company indicates that the numbers for this game are not yet available.

In addition to the transmission of the games, mobile operators also offer several services related to the World Championship, as TeK had already pointed out in a recent suggestion.

Vodafone has the National Team’s ‘Goals in Live’ services and the ‘Championship SMS Alert’ which allow you to receive, on the spot, the information of all the goals of the Portuguese games. At the end of each game a summary of the most relevant information is made.