12 cool gadgets you should buy for your pet

12 cool gadgets you should buy for your pet

Pets are one of the most loving members of a family. They put a smile on their face, play with us, protect us and keep us happy. For all happiness, they definitely deserve something in return, and food and shelter don’t cut it. If you are a loving pet owner, you should get a cool gadget made specifically for your pets. There are many smart gadgets available for your cute little friends. So, here’s our list of 12 best pet gadgets you can buy for your pet or for you, as pet owners . These gadgets should make your pets happy or make their job easier. So, let’s take a look:

1. Watch GPS Pet Tracker

Whistle uses GPS to help you track your pets to make sure they never get lost . The device is attached to your dog or cat’s existing collar and allows you to see their location using a companion app for Android and iOS. You can create a boundary around your home and if your pet goes outside that boundary, a notification email or text message will be sent to you.

The whistle itself is very durable and water resistant, so no matter how rude your furry friend is, it will still allow you to track their location. In addition to tracking the location, it also allows you to track your activity, eating habits, rest and other behaviors to keep them healthy. You will need to purchase the device and purchase a monthly subscription for tracking; costing $ 6, 95 / month.

Buy on Amazon ($ 59.99)

2. iFetch Too Ball Thrower

We all know that a dog never gets tired of playing the game, but we get tired. IFetch Too is an automatic ball launcher that launches automatically standard tennis balls for your dog . The device works with internal batteries and allows you to configure how far the ball should be launched. After catching the ball, the dog can place it on top of the iFetch Too and it will launch the ball again (it may take some practice).

IFetch Too comes with 3 tennis balls for pets and you can also use a standard tennis ball if you want. It is made for larger dogs that can easily handle an ordinary tennis ball in their mouth. If you have a smaller dog, then you can get the iFetch mini that supports smaller balls.

Buy on Amazon ($ 199, 99)

3. FroliCat screw

Cats love laser pointers and FroliCat BOLT is a rotating laser pointer device that will keep your cat busy. BOLT is a permanent device that you can keep in your hand or place on a surface. It will issue a laser pointer which will move slowly in random patterns to let your cat play with it. The laser dot is red and there is a mirror at the top that is used to move the laser pointer.

It can create patterns automatically, or you can set it up manually to create specific patterns, such as zigzag. In addition, it comes with a 15 minute shutdown time, so your cats don’t get tired in endless chase.

Buy on Amazon ( $ 10.87 )

4. Petcube

Petcube is a monitoring system, designed specifically for pets. It is a two-way audio / video communication device that allows chat remotely with your pets . It offers a 720p HD video experience to ensure you have the best view of your pets, and audio communication is also very clear.

In addition, it has a laser pointer built into the top, to keep your cat busy (and maybe your dog too), and the laser pointer also supports automatic movement. The Petcube smartphone app also has a built-in social media feature made specifically for pet lovers. You can share your pets photos and videos with the entire community and interact with them.

Buy on Amazon ( $ 149 )

5. PetSafe Pet Door

Pet doors are perfect for letting your cat or dog in or out of the house easily, without having to open the door. However, they also allow any animal to enter, or any pet to go outside (a problem when you have more than one pet). This is where PetSafe smart pet door will help you have complete control over who leaves and who enters.

PetSafe uses the passport key system to detect your pet and allow or deny access . Passport keys can be attached to your pet and the PetSafe door will automatically detect. You can configure the function of each password key individually, such as whether the door should open or not when a specific passport key comes in your neighborhood. You can use this control to keep specific pets inside them (like cats) and allow others to use the door freely (like dogs).

Buy on Amazon ( $ 151 )

6. FitBark

You should be concerned about your dog’s physical condition, in the same way that you stay in shape, and FitBark will help you with that goal. FitBark is a fitness tracking device for dogs, similar to Fitbit for humans. You can see your dog’s daily activity using charts and also compare them with other similar dogs. It will track rest times, activity times and play times and even when your dog is not feeling well.

FitBark works great with Fitbit and you can easily compare your stats with your dog. In addition, it is battery powered and can last 14 days on a single charge, and is tough enough to withstand bumps and splashing water.

Buy on Amazon ( $ 69.95 )

7. Petnet SmartFeeder

Petnet is an automatic feeder for your pets that will surely give you some peace of mind. It can hold up to 5-7 pounds of food and will serve automatically food in the bowl, according to the time you specified. All you have to do is put the pet food in the SmartFeeder and specify when it should be served. Petnet will serve the food on time and your pet can eat it without any intervention on your side.

In addition, you can also remotely send commands to put food in the bowl, perfect for taking control of your pet’s eating routine. Overall, Petnet is the best solution for automate food schedules for Pets .

Buy on Amazon ( $ 149.99 )

8. Regent heated Spa Bed

If you really want to give your pet a real treat, the Regent Heated Spa Bed is a great option. The bed has two radiant heat panels on the sides that will ensure your pet stays warm even on the coldest days . The bed comes in two finishes, pickled oak and distressed walnut.

In addition, it has turned removable feet and cushions to comfort your pet, with the total size of the cushion being 25, 5 «x 22, 5». The size is large enough for small and medium-sized dogs and all types of cats. You will need to plug the bed into an outlet to use the heating feature, and it will need to be fitted first before using it (may require some guidance).

Buy in fantasy ( $ 550 )

9. Halo Mini LED Collar

Halo Mini LED Collar, as the name suggests, is a lighted collar for your dog or cat to facilitate its detection in the dark . Sure, it will help you find your pet in the dark, but it focuses on protecting your pet and you (if you’re out for a walk with him) from car accidents. The collar is fully lit, so anyone can see it from any direction.

The Halo Mini comes with two modes, Flashing mode and Glow mode, which make viewing from a distance easier. It comes in small, medium and large sizes to easily fit cats and dogs of all sizes.

Buy on Amazon ( $ 32.87 )

10. Auggiedog Pet Waste Shovel

It is a lot of fun to take long walks with your canine friend, but cleaning up the mess they make is not the best time. The Auggiedog shovel is the answer to this problem and states solve all the hassles that come with dog poop and cleanliness. It’s a shovel with a big stick, and all you have to do is put it in the poo and press a button to collect it automatically. Auggie also comes with a cleaning station to get rid of the poop.

It has a cane-like structure to make it easier to pick up the poop and move around, and there’s a flashlight on top to see things in the dark. Only disgusting thing you may have to deal with, is cleaning the cleaning station when you are back home.

Buy on Amazon ( $ 110.90 )

11. Double Wigzi Dog Leash

If you have two dogs, you will know how frustrating it is to deal with their excitement, which leads to tangling the collar. Wigzi Dual Dog Leash comes with a rotating base that allows you to walk two dogs at the same time, without worrying about the leash getting tangled . The strings are strong enough to handle any type of dog and the handle is covered with a comfortable gel to facilitate grip.

Its strings are also reflective, so anyone can see it in the dark, making it perfect for night strolls. Best of all, the manufacturer offers a 2-year warranty on strings and hardware, which should be enough to ease your mind.

Buy on Amazon ( $ 29.99 )

12. my fun aquarium

Having a goldfish in your room is very comforting, but it can be a pain to clean your tank every now and then. If you like fish, but don’t like the cleanliness that comes with it, try the My Fun Fish Tank. It is a fish aquarium accessible and self-cleaning which automatically cleans itself when you put clean water in it. There is no need to remove the fish in another container and clean the tank. Just pour clean water and dirty water will run down the side. The tank is not that big in size and you can only put one or two small fish in it.

Buy on Amazon ( $ 10.50 )

Buy these Cool Pet Gadgets to make your pet happy

Smart gadgets are a great way to improve your life and your pets are no exception. These are some of the best pet gadgets available today and they should make it easier for you to be a pet owner and fulfill your responsibilities with ease. I really like the iFetch Too ball launcher and My Fun Fish Tank that cleans itself automatically, but which of these pet gadgets do you like? Let us know in the comments section below.