12 best online games to play with friends on mobile and PC

12 best online games to play with friends on mobile and PC

Having game options up your sleeve to have fun online with friends has become mandatory during the quarantine period against the coronavirus. However, the tendency to have group fun without leaving the house is likely to catch on.

After all, there is no shortage of cool games to play on your PC or on your Android or iOS phone. AppGeek brought together the 12 best free games to spend time with friends, even from a distance.

There are everything from browser classics, like online chess, to trendy titles like Fortnite. Check out!

1. Gartic.io

Disclosure of the Android app for the game Gartic.io

The Gartic.io of those games in which one participant makes a drawing and the others need to guess. Available online, for Android and iPhone, it allows you to create private rooms and send the link for your friends to join.

Each room holds up to 50 players and it is possible to establish the number of points needed for someone to become the champion.

2. StopotS

Stop, adedanha, adenhonha or name-place-object. The names are many, but the game is the same: a letter drawn and players must indicate words that begin with it. With StopotS you can compete against strangers or create a room to play with friends.

In his own room, the user can invite up to 50 participants and set the number of rounds (the limit is 18). There is also the option to choose the playing time, the themes and whether to exclude any letter from the draw.

When everything is ready, just share the link with friends. Whoever scores the most points at the end in the sum of all rounds wins, which only ends when the first one says Stop or if time runs out.

3. Among Us

Release of the game Among Us for Android

The Detective game, in which one of the participants the murderer and the rest must find out who, won a digital version. And spatial. In Among Us, players are astronauts about to return from a mission and come across an alien imposter.

The objective of your team is to discover the infiltrator, by voting for the suspects, while carrying out functions on the ship. The best thing to do as soon as possible, after all, the imposter's sabotages will only make tasks difficult.

The game supports 4 to 10 people online or in local mode, via Wi-Fi.

  • Among Us (free, with in-game purchases): Android | iOS

4. Battleship

screenshot of Battleship online game

Batalha Naval is a classic that has conquered different generations to spend time in moments of boredom. Battleship brings the traditional version of the game to the PC, both in terms of visuals and rules.

It is possible to play against a random opponent or a friend. In this case, just copy the generated link and send it to him. Despite the simple layout, the game allows you to chat with your rival in a private chat, as well as to enable or disable audio.

Whoever sinks the opposing fleet first wins.

5. Agar.io

Advertising image of the game Agar.io

Simple, yet addictive, Agar.io allows players to control a cell on a laboratory cultivation plate. Your goal is to eat other cells while escaping those bigger than you, who want to devour you. There are four game modes: FFA, Battle Royale, Teams and Experimental.

To invite your friends to play, create a Party Mode and share the room link with them.

6. Risk: Global Domination

Advertising image of the game Risk

Risk is a world-famous board game, which has a gameplay very similar to that of the War game. At the beginning of the game, each player receives goals from territories to be conquered. For that, they need to build strategies and count on luck in the data.

Whoever achieves three goals first becomes the winner. The digital version of this classic allows you to play online with friends, but also against random players.

7. Fortnite

Fortnite promotion image

Fortnite is a cooperative shooting game, where you can set up a squad with your friends to face other teams. The battle arena initially consists of 100 players. One by one, they are eliminated, until only one winning team remains.

Choose where on the map you want to start. So, eliminate rivals and watch the game zone, which is decreasing. To protect yourself and your colleagues, you need to find weapons and ammunition, as well as collect materials and build strong strategies.

8. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO)

CS: GO game screen

CS: GO is the fourth title in this first person shooter franchise. The game became famous exactly for being one of the first to allow online play among friends.

In Classic mode, two teams of 5 people face each other in a competition of the best 30. The first team to win 16 matches is the winner. There is also the Casual mode (with only one round), 8 against 8, individual against the machine, among others.

9. Chess

game screen lichess.org

Missing to say checkmate, n, my daughter? Know that it is possible to invite a friend to play chess online. The Lichess.org website allows you to create a room to compete with someone you know.

Just choose the variant, the pace of the game (correspondence, real time or unlimited) and select the color of the pieces. Then just share the link and start the fun.

10. Asked / Trivia Crack


Despite having different names on Android and iOS, Asks and Trivia Crack are exactly the same game. The trivia game lets you challenge your Facebook friends or play alone in quests divided into six categories.

They are: Science, Entertainment, Sport, Art, Geography and History. Whoever wins the six crowns wins. In addition to the thousands of questions available, it is possible to suggest new questions through the resource Questions Factory.

11. Mario Kart Tour

The Android and iOS version of Mario Kart has a mode multiplayer which allows you to compete with up to seven people at the same time. It is possible to play locally or online with friends or unknown players.

If you want to create a competition only with friends or people nearby, you must create a group. In the race settings, you can define the engine capacity and number of items collected that can be stored. You should also choose whether to include opponents from the machine to complete the grid.

Friends can be added to the game list via their Nintendo Account. Or when linking your Facebook or Twitter accounts and looking for users who are also playing.

  • Mario Kart Tour (free, with in-game purchases): Android | iOS

12. JigsawPuzzles.io

Online puzzle in assembly process

Puzzles were another hobby that became a craze during quarantine. JigsawPuzzles.io allows you to solve puzzles of different levels of difficulty with your friends and other people. There are options with about 300, 600 and even more than 1000 pieces.

Just click on the image to enter the room and then start helping other users to set up. To call friends, click on Invite and send the link to whoever you want.

  • JigsawPuzzles.io (free): Web

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