12 best OnePlus 5T cases and cases you can buy

12 best OnePlus 5T cases and cases you can buy

There is no doubt about the fact that the OnePlus 5T is one of the best Android smartphones to hit the market in 2017. What I love most about the OnePlus is that it allows buyers to experience top-notch performance at almost half the price. . The statement holds true for the OnePlus 5T more than ever, as the company brings features like an almost frameless screen, 18: 9 aspect ratio, superior performance and an incredibly good camera. However, all of these features also mean that the OnePlus 5T is the most expensive OnePlus device ever and when you combine it with the fact that it boasts a front screen with almost no front panel, the need to protect that device is more than ever. That’s why we’re bringing you a list of the 12 best OnePlus 5T cases and cases that you can buy today to protect your precious device:

Note : This is our new list of the best OnePlus 5T cases and cases, but if you want to take a look at the best official OnePlus 5T cases and our oldest list of the best OnePlus 5T cases, you can check it out here.

Best OnePlus 5T Cases and Covers

Before we start our list, I would like to inform you that this list is not a specific order. It all depends on your preferences as to which case you prefer the most. You want a robust case that has a lot of volume and protection or you want a thin case that protects the ads without adding too much volume. So check the whole list before solving a case:

1. Spigen Rugged shielded case for OnePlus 5T

Spigen is a company famous for making some of the best cases and screen protectors on the market. I personally used their product and recommend them. Its Rugged Armored case for OnePlus 5T is one of the best in the markets that provide enough protection for your device so that it can easily handle short to medium falls . The case is made of soft TPU material and lifted the lips to protect the screen and the camera. The inside of the case has cobweb patterns that prevent scratches and scuffs. As I said, it is one of the best cases on the market and you cannot go wrong with this one.

Buy from the Amazon: ₹ 899

2. Nillkin Super Frosted Hard Case Back for OnePlus 5T

If you are looking for a thin and highly protective case, this is the Nillkin for you. Super matte hardcover covers are made with highly accurate injection molding machines with high temperature . Both sides of the case use the latest dust-free matte UV painting technology, which provides a comfortable touch and elegant appearance. The outer surface uses a protruding point design and is wear-resistant, non-slip, dustproof and does not easily pick up fingerprints. But if it weren’t for its characteristics, I would buy this case just for its appearance, since the matte color gives this case a unique look that is pleasing to the eye .

Buy from Amazon: ₹ 438 to 769 (Price varies depending on color)

3. Heavy duty U case armor back cover CASE OnePlus 5T

CASE A sturdy armored back case is for those who have difficulty keeping their phone in their hands. The case was specifically designed to protect the OnePlus 5T from accidental drops. The Case has shock-absorbing technology that protects your phone from severe drops and bumps . It also has a rubberized non-slip texture that prevents the phone from falling out in the first place. Finally, the case comes with a one year warranty for the manufacturer, which is always a good thing to have.

Buy from Amazon: R $ 50

4. WOW Imagine Carbon Fiber Case

The case is one of the finest cases on this list and is good for anyone who hates bulky cases. That said, the lack of volume should not be correlated with the lack of protection, as the case comes with impact and shock resistant technology . It also classifies the raised lips to protect the screen and the impact of the camera. I particularly love the metal texture of the brush on the back, which makes the case quite pleasant and also avoids fingerprints.

Buy from Amazon: R $ 50

5. KAPAVER OnePlus 5T Case

The OnePlus 5T case from KAPAVER is one such case that adds sufficient protection without adding too much volume. The case is made of soft TPU material and boasts an industrial design with carbon fiber texture. The case also lifted lips and bumpers to protect your device from accidental drops and falls. It is one of the best designed cases out there.

Buy from Amazon: R $ 5

6. Mobistyle Ultra Thin Shockproof Cover

If you are someone who wants to place a case, but doesn’t like the extra volume that comes with it, Mobistyle’s ultra-thin shockproof case may be the one for you. The case features a two-part design with a soft TPU structure and a rigid back plate . The best part about the case is that the hard backing plate is transparent, so it doesn’t detract from your phone’s original beauty. That said, the case can only protect your phones from scratches and minor drops, yet it is much better than using the phone naked.

Buy from Amazon: R $ 5

7. Golden Sand Armor Slim Case For One Plus 5T

This is another good option for all skinny case lovers out there. The case is made of shockproof premium TPU material which provides enough protection for your device to be able to handle some small drops without scratching or scratching. The case is also fingerprint-proof, scratch-proof and easy to clean with normal water. Finally, the case also comes with a three-month hassle-free warranty so you can easily replace the case if you don’t like it.

Buy from Amazon: R $ 57

8. Ringke case for OnePlus 5T

Ringke Case For OnePlus 5T is a premium case that adds a ton of protection. The case is made of dual layer PC panel and premium TPU materials. He too has a 2X resistant coating that makes the outer coating harder and increases protection . The case has an active double cover that includes internal corner pads to protect your device from falls and falls. The best part is that the case comes in transparent and opaque options so you can choose the look you want.

Buy from Amazon: R $ 7

9. Official Chevron ChevBrid case

If you are looking for a cheap and multifunctional case for your OnePlus 5T, this Chevron offer can meet your needs. The official ChevBrid case is a bulky case that adds a ton of protection. The case offers reinforced corners for protection against falls and falls. It also has integrated support which allows you to place your device on a surface so that you can enjoy video content hands-free on the beautiful screen of your OnePlus. The only downside to this case is that it adds a ton of volume to your phone. If bulk is not an issue for you, certainly give CheBrid a try.

Buy from Amazon: ₹ 345

10. E-COSMOS Double Dip Case for One Plus 5T

E-COSMOS Double Dip Case For One Plus 5T is one of the few cases that not only protects the back, but also the front of your device . The case comes with a solid rear body and two detachable upper and lower knots. Because the case has upper and lower nodes, and therefore covers all corners of the phone. Since all parts of the phone are covered, the case offers excellent protection against drops and bumps.

Buy from Amazon: ₹ 649

11. Back Cover Sajni Creations Oneplus 5T

This case from Sajni Creations is another slim case for your OnePlus 5T. This is one of the most beautiful cases on this list and will look great on your phone . The case is made of high quality, soft and protective silicon, imported from Japan and has laser galvanizing technology that gives the case non-slip properties. The case is also resistant to fingerprints, dustproof and shockproof.

Buy from the Amazon: ₹ 450

12. Flipkart SmartBuy back cover for OnePlus 5T

If you are looking for an ultra cheap and beautiful case for your OnePlus 5T, look no further than Flipkart SmartBuy Back Cover. It is a flexible rubber case for the OnePlus 5T that is formed by multiple thermoacrylics, a process that makes the case highly elastic and highly resistant to oil, corrosion and abrasion. The case offers daily wear protection, improves grip, minimizes slippage on flat surfaces and adds more security against stains, cracks and dirt.

Buy From Flipkart: ₹ 229

Protect your OnePlus 5T with these stylish cases

OnePlus 5T is an excellent device and I would hate it if something happened to your device because of accidental drops or bumps. Well, luckily, you can use these best OnePlus 5T cases and covers to protect your device. So, which OnePlus 5T case are you going to buy? Tell us in the comments section below.