12 best Nintendo switch cases and covers you can buy

12 best Nintendo switch cases and covers you can buy

The Nintendo Switch is one of the most versatile and portable game consoles ever released. The portability of the Nintendo Switch allows us to play games worthy of the console in real time, something that was not possible before. However, this portability also comes with its own set of problems. Since Nintendo does not ship a carrying case with the Switch console, it makes it very difficult to transport the Switch without fear of breaking it. In addition, its plastic structure does not instill much confidence. If you are planning to take your Switch with you, wherever you are going, you will need a good case to protect it from being damaged. Fortunately, there are many really good cases and covers available for the Switch on the market. So, before you throw your Switch directly in your backpack, take a look at these 12 best Nintendo Switch cases you can buy:

Best Nintendo Switch Covers and Covers

1. Nintendo Travel Switch Traveler’s Luxury Travel Case

This is one of the best travel cases you can buy for your Nintendo Switch. The case has a hard shell structure that will protect your Switch from damage in the event of drops and falls. The interior of the case has a padded divider that protects the Switch screen from scratches. The case also comes with two playing card boxes (each can contain four) and one mesh pocket with built-in zipper which can contain extra game cards. It also comes with two Micro SD card holders, each of which can contain two separate cards. This means that you are free to take your games the way you want. THE case also comes in many colors, including black, blue, red and much more. As I said earlier, this is one of the best traveler cases you can buy for your Switch.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 19.99)

2. Hestia Goods Nintendo Switch Hard Transport Case

This is also a tough transport case like the previous one. The hard outer shell is there to protect your switch from sustaining any damage while transporting it while the inner layer is coated with soft fabric material to prevent scratches or scratches. The case also features a large mesh zippered pouch that can easily store extra Joy-Cons and the Switch’s power adapter . Case makers have paid a lot of attention to detail here. The zipper heads are made of nylon (not metal) to protect your switch from scratches. In addition, just like the first case on this list, it also comes with game card holders that can store 20 game cards . However, it does not provide a separate space for your SD cards, but they can be easily stored in the game card slots. Furthermore, I really have no complaints with this case.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 11.99)

3. Mumba Nintendo Switch Case

A carrying case is necessary when you are protecting your Switch from damage that occurs while traveling, but what happens when you are using it? Obviously, you cannot use your Switch while it is inside a case, you will need to remove it. In such situations, a protective case is what you need, and this offer from Mumba is very good. THE outer layer of the box is made of rigid polycarbonate material, while the inner layer is coated with a soft TPU material . The combination protects your Switch by absorbing impact shocks. The case also has an ergonomic grip that reduces the chances of falls in the first place. If you are looking for a Nintendo Switch that can protect you during use, this is one of the best you can get.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 19.99)

4. Findway Nintendo Switch Crystal Clear Case

If you are a fan of clear cases, you will love this one. THE case is made of transparent TPU material and is very flexible and soft to the touch . This means that this case will only be able to protect your switch from minor drops and scratches and scuffs. However, this exchange also comes with a benefit. The case, like the Switch, features a three-part design, which means you get cabinets separate for your console and Joy-Cons . So, you don’t lose the flexibility of the Switch. Although it is a flexible case, strengthened the corners to improve protection . However, even if that were not the case, I love this case just because it is as versatile as the Switch.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 12.99)

5. Kungber Anti-Scratch Hard Back Case for Nintendo Switch

This Kungber case is also a clear case, but with a hard back. This means that it is not flexible like the previous ones and should provide more protection. Although it is a hard case, it still allows you to disconnect the Joy-Con without having to take out the case . The case is ultra-thin with reinforced edges to provide maximum protection without adding too much volume. The best part about this case is that it not only protects the back of the Switch and Joy-Cons console, but it also protects the front of the Joy-Cons . The front has precision cuts for the buttons and does not hinder the usability of the Joy-Cons in any way. Without a doubt, this is one of the best protection cases you can get for your Switch.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 9.99)

6. Nintendo Switch Butterfox Travel Carrying Case

This is another great travel case for your Nintendo Switch. Has a semi-hard outer shell that is good at absorbing shock waves . The interior is lined with soft cloth material to prevent scratches. The case also includes a large zippered mesh pocket, which offers secure storage for accessories like charging cable, slim power bank, headphones and extra Joy-Cons . It also comes with internal storage for game cards and SD cards. Soft flaps have been added to protect the Switch screen from being scratched. The best part about this case is that, although it offers so much functionality, it is very economical. As such, this offers good value for money.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 10.99)

7. Fintie protective case for Nintendo Switch

The Fintie protective cover for the Nintendo Switch is a multi-purpose box that not only protects your Switch, but also supports an integrated stand and flip cover . The case is made of PU leather that is soft to the touch and easy on the hands. The flip cover is very versatile. In addition to magnetically attaching to the front and protecting the Switch screen, it also folds and acts as a support. We all know that the Switch’s built-in kick support is probably its weakest point. The case solves this problem by including its own kick-stand. THE cabinet holds the key in place using two fixing straps . This makes installation and removal of the case much easier when you need it. He comes in several solid colors and patterns, allowing you to choose your own appearance. I’m a little concerned about the fall protection it can offer, but other than that, the case hits all the check marks and then some.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 8.99)

8. AMDISI Nintendo Switch Crystal Case

This is another great clear case for your Nintendo Switch. THE case features an ergonomic, ultrathin and ultralight design . Like the Kungber case mentioned above, it completely protects the Joy-Cons by covering it from all sides. It also follows the 3-segment design, allowing you to disconnect the Joy-Cons without removing the case. However, what separates this case from the others is the fact that it also comes with tempered glass screen protector . Tempered glass ensures that the Switch screen remains scratch-free and scratch-free. THE case all has an anti-fingerprint coating which is always a plus. If you are thinking of buying a case and tempered glass separately for your switch, this can really save you some money without making any compromises.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 16.79)

9. Mumba Nintendo Switch Slim-fit Series case

We have already looked at a Mumba case that offers excellent protection for the Nintendo Switch. However, this protection also comes with a lot of volume. If you want similar protection without adding too much volume, check out this slim-fit series case from Mumba. The case has a transparent back and is made of a scratch resistant material what prevents discoloration and daily scratches . It comes with wrap-around bumpers that protect the Switch from small drops and falls. It also incorporates slip-resistant soft TPU shock absorbers and handles to protect your switch from slipping off a surface or your hands. This is a really good slim case that offers ample protection to your switch.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 12.99)

10. Maxboost Nintendo Switch Travel Case

Maxboost Nintendo Switch Travel Case is another great travel case that you can buy for your Switch. He has one durable case that protects your Switch from bumps and scratches. It also has all the usual features that we saw earlier, including a built-in mesh pocket, storage for game cards and a soft padded divider to protect your Switch from scratches and scrapes. However, there is no separate storage for SD cards here. In addition, the mesh bag is open and does not have a zipper. But, the company gives you a lifetime warranty to protect you from damage and defects. It is nothing that we have not seen before, but still, a good option that you can explore before buying your case.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 12.99)

11. Protective Case for Nintendo Homase Nintendo Switch

This is also a good clear and rigid case for your Switch. The case is made with high quality polycarbonate (PC) material and is ultra-thin, light and resistant to normal impacts . Like all previous clear cases, it also comes with the 3-part design, allowing you to disconnect the Joy-Cons without any problem. The case has nothing new to offer and is in line with the previous clear cases we mentioned. You can check it out before making a purchase.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 9.99)

12. Anti-scratch Aluminum Dust-proof Hard Case

The last case in the list is different from all the other cases mentioned in this list. This is because the case is made using PC shell along with aluminum foils which can provide extra strength and protection against falls. It also features a 3-section design and has separate cabinets for the console and Joy-Cons. Joy-Cons are protected on all sides, as the case also covers the front of the Joy-Cons . However, it leaves the area around the Switch kicker exposed, which can be a cause for concern. However, one thing that really goes in your favor is the color options. Can give your Switch a unique look that you can deduce from the image below. It’s a different case and worth checking out.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 9.99)

The best Nintendo exchange cases and covers you can buy

The Nintendo Switch is an excellent device, but also fragile. I know this because we broke one in our office within a week after buying it. So, take it away from me when I say you need a case for your Switch. Whether you are buying a protective case or a travel case (I suggest you buy one of each), the cases will help extend the life of your Switch. You don’t want to break your Switch, especially at the time, when so many cool games are being released for it. Check out the list and tell us your favorites in the comments section below.