12 Best Covers for Galaxy Note 9 and Covers to Buy

12 Best Covers for Galaxy Note 9 and Covers to Buy

Samsung has lifted the covers of the new Galaxy Note 9, 2018, the company’s latest flagship, which includes the latest and greatest hardware in a slightly different chassis. While the iterative update may not be as exciting as expected, Samsung has introduced a ton of changes in quality of life, in addition to major improvements in the S-Pen functionality, which make the Galaxy Note 9 a definite purchase. Much like last year’s Galaxy Note 8, the new Galaxy Note 9 has a glass sandwich design, with virtually the entire device made of glass, except for a thin metal border that runs through the middle. Since the device is mostly glass, it is very susceptible to scratches and cracks, which is why all buyers will need to use a case to keep the device protected. So, if you plan to buy a Galaxy Note 9, here are the 12 best cases and cases you can buy with it to keep your device in top shape:

12 Best Cases and Covers for Samsung Galaxy Note 9

1. Spigen Rugged Armor Galaxy Note 9 Case

Getting started, we have the Spigen Rugged Armor case for the Galaxy Note 9, which is a low profile case that offers ample protection without adding a ton of volume to your device. The case offers a minimalist design with carbon fiber details and shine that add a little bit of style. Not only does the case protect your device from minor scratches and scrapes, but its corners are blocked with the Spigen Air Cushion technology to protect your device from occasional drops.

As the Spigen Rugged Armor case has a very thin profile, it will allow you to charge your Galaxy Note 9 wirelessly without having to take out the case every time. Spigen is known for its premium cases and this option is no different. In addition to the additional protection features, the case has precise cutouts for all ports and buttons, so that it does not impair the functionality of any device during use.

Buy from Amazon ($ 12.99)

2. Galaxy Note 9 S-Vew Flip Case

If you are looking for a more premium case that not only protects your device, but also brings some additional functionality to improve overall performance, then you can opt for Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 S-View flip case. The S-View flip cover allows you to see and interact with the device screen even when the cover is closed .

You will be able to answer incoming calls, turn off alarms and events and use the functionality always displayed when the cover is not open. In addition, the flip cover also acts as a support, allowing you to hold your phone, which will really come in handy while watching movies on the amazing screen.

Samsung order ($ 59, 99)

3. Rugged Protective Case for Galaxy Note 9

And finally, if you are looking for a premium case that offers military-grade protection to your Galaxy Note 9, then you can opt for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 rugged protective case. To ensure your peace of mind, the office was tested for military standards and is able to absorb most impacts to minimize damage to the phone.

In addition, he packs in a holder which can be used to support the phone while watching movies. The case offers enhanced protection for your device without covering any part of the infinite display. Samsung has a lot of other cases for the Galaxy Note 9 as well, and if you are willing to check this out you can follow this link to Samsung’s official website.

Samsung order ($ 39, 99)

4. BasicStock Galaxy Note 9 Waterproof Case

Despite the fact that the Galaxy Note 9 is waterproof by itself, you can choose to add even more protection to your device if you are planning to make the device swim. For this, you can choose the BasicStock Waterproof case for your Galaxy Note 9. The case, as you would expect, comes with shockproof, dustproof and waterproof IP68 certification, making it the perfect companion if you plan on using the Galaxy Note 9 out and about.

The case is capable of protecting the device for three hours directly under 3 feet of water and its two-layer architecture plays an important role in keeping the waterproof seal intact. Unlike most other cases on this list, the BasicStock Waterproof case comes with a front panel and a rear panel, protecting not only the back, but also the screen. Even so, the case is able to keep the device very useful, as it measures only 18 mm thick and it doesn’t add much volume to the device. So, if you are looking for a case that offers maximum protection for your new device, then the BasicStock Waterproof case is the way to go.

Buy from Amazon ($ 18.99)

5. Galaxy Note 9 Ultra Ultra Hybrid Case from the Galaxy

If you’re looking for a clear case that doesn’t cover the amazing glass back of the new Galaxy Note 9, in addition to offering extensive protection from scratches and drops, you can choose the Spigen Ultra Hybrid case with Spigen’s Air Cushion technology . The case offers the same protection for your device as the Spigen Rugged Armor box, without covering the back of the device.

The case has precise cutouts for all ports, buttons and S-Pen, so that you don’t have any problems using the device while the case is on. Like the Spigen Rugged Armor case, the Ultra Hybrid case also has a profile quite thin and it doesn’t add much volume to the device.

Buy from Amazon ($ 13.99)

6. Clayco Full-Body Galaxy Note 9 Case

Another great option to keep your Galaxy Note 9 in top shape is Clayco’s full body protective case. The case, which is part of the brand’s Xenon series, offers a two level design, like the waterproof case mentioned above, and comes with a separate front and back panel.

The case is made of rigid polycarbonate and shock-absorbing TPU material which ensures that the device remains protected from scratches and falls at all times. The built-in screen protector conforms to the curved design of Note 9 and does not interfere with touch sensitivity. There is precise cutouts for all ports and buttons, and the slim profile of the case ensures that it does not interfere with the device’s wireless charging capabilities.

Buy from Amazon ($ 14.99)

7. ESR glass back Galaxy Note 9 case

If you’re like me and don’t like using a case on your device, then you can choose the ESR Glass Back case, which is essentially a tempered glass to protect your back from scratches, along with a soft TPU bumper that ensures your device remains protected against minor drops.

The tempered glass panel that comes with this case has a 9H hardness, which ensures that the device is protected against all types of scratches and scrapes. The case has smoothed corners that ensure your device doesn’t just slip on smooth surfaces when you’re not paying attention.

Buy from Amazon ($ 25, 95)

8. Maxboost Galaxy Note 9 Folio Case

If you prefer folio cases that provide some additional storage space while protecting your device, you can opt for the Maxboost Folio case. The case, which is made of a soft PU leather, has a cover design which protects the screen and provides storage for three cards and some cases.

The case has a magnetic lock that keeps the leather flap closed when you’re not using your phone and the flap can also double as support for the moments when you want to watch a movie on the beautiful Note 9 screen. Although Maxboost’s folio case offers ample protection for your device and some additional functionality , him adds a little volume to your device, so it is not ideal for users who want a slim design.

Buy from Amazon ($ 9.99)

9. Slim Spigen Armor Galaxy Note 9 Case

Another great option from Spigen is the Slim Armor CS case for the Galaxy Note 9, which is a great slim case that comes with a two-layer wallet / card holder design . Like other Spigen cases, the Slim Armor CS case comes with the Air Cushion technology military level of the company, which will protect your device from minor drops and protect your device from scratches and scrapes.

What is unique in this case, however, is your lot of wallet / card that can contain up to two cards inside a compartment on the back . The case has all the precise cutouts for buttons, ports and S-Pen and is a great option if you are looking for something that will protect your device, provide some storage space and do not add too much volume to it in the process.

Buy from Amazon ($ 16.99)

10. Galaxy Note 9 Belt Cover

The encapsulated Galaxy Note 9 belt case is also a great option that provides an ample amount of protection for your device at the same time, while also providing a unique feature that you will not find in any other case on the list. The belt case, as you would expect, comes with a DuraClip belt accessory that will allow you save the your Galaxy Note 9 on your belt.

The case provides a decent amount of protection for the device and has a premium felt lining within which ensures that the case itself does not leave scratches or marks on the device while in use. In addition to the belt clip, the case also has a stand that you can use to hold the device in portrait or landscape mode while making a video call or watching a movie.

Buy from Amazon ($ 12.00)

11. Matte Finish Cover Mangix Galaxy Note 9

If you are looking for a simple and clean look while still protecting your precious Galaxy Note 9 from accidental scratches and drops, then you can opt for the premium matte finish case from Mangix. THE thin and light case has a premium matte finish which not only looks good, but also adds a little bit of grip to the device so you don’t accidentally drop it in the first place.

Composed of a high quality polycarbonate, the case can easily withstand scratches and falls, keeping your device protected at all times without adding too much volume to it. As you would expect, the case has all the precise cutouts for doors, buttons and S-Pen, ensuring a precise fit without jeopardizing any usability.

Buy from Amazon ($ 9.99)

12. Trianium Clarium Galaxy Note 9 case

If you are looking for a simple and straightforward case for your Galaxy Note 9, then you can opt for the Trianium Clarium series case that provides double layer protection for the device without obstructing the view as it is completely clear . As mentioned earlier, the case has an internal shock-absorbing layer that protects your device from shocks and a rigid external layer that protects it from scratches and scrapes.

The case has precise cutouts for all ports, buttons and S-Pen, and has a very thin profile, so it doesn’t add much volume to the already heavy Note 9. The interior of the case has a microdot design that prevents you from sticking to the device and ensures a uniform fit.

Buy from Amazon ($ 7.99)

Protect your note 9 from the galaxy with these cases and covers

If you want to buy the new Galaxy Note 9, we suggest that you invest in a decent case or cover your new device. Using a case on the Galaxy Note 9 will not only increase your chances of preventing scratches and cracks, but it will also mean that your device remains as pure as the day you took it out of the box. Since most phones today use an all-glass design, putting on a protective case has become more necessary than luxury. So make sure you get a case for the new device and, if you like one of the cases mentioned, let us know in the comments section below.