12 Best Black Friday Deals Black TV You Should Check

12 Best Black Friday Deals Black TV You Should Check

Black Friday is the time of year when you can get great deals on a wide variety of products, including smartphones, laptops, game consoles and more. However, the biggest shopping festival of the year remains on TVs more than anything else. So if, like millions of shoppers across the country, you also want to get your hands on a cheap new television this week, here are the best Black Friday deals for TVs that you can purchase now:

1. Amazon: 70-inch and 70-inch Sony Ultra HD LED TV (KD70X690E)

If you look at smartphones or televisions, the display sizes are getting bigger every year. With gigantic oversized TV screens around you, if your 40-inch TV from a few years ago is starting to look a little Lilliputian, you can get this Samsung 70 HD 4K Ultra HD smart TV at a huge discount from Amazon. It typically costs $ 2,000, but the retailer is cutting its price by more than $ 500 now, offering it for just $ 1,498.

Buy here ($ 1,498, 00, $ 501, 99 off)

2. Amazon: Samsung Ultra HD 65 inch 4K TV (UN65MU8000)

If you’re okay with something just a little smaller, you can save even more by choosing this Samsung 65 ″ HD TV Ultra HD. Its price is usually $ 2,200 on Amazon, but you can buy it for just $ 1,298 during this period – a huge $ 900 discount on its list price.

Buy here ($ 1,297, 99, $ 902 off)

3. Walmart: Samsung 65 «Curved 4K Smart TV LED (UN65MU6500FXZA)

As you would expect, Amazon is not the only retailer that offers great deals on TVs. If you like curved TVs, you can really enjoy this 65 ″ 4K LED Curved Smart TV at Walmart. The device is usually listed at $ 1,300, but now you can get it for just $ 997, 99.

Buy here ($ 997, 99, $ 300 off)

note: The 55 ″ model (UN55MU6490FXZA) is being offered for just $ 597, 99 at Best Buy, so if you can live with a slightly smaller screen, you can save a little more $$$.

4. Best Buy: Sony 65 ″ Smart LED 4K Ultra HD TV (XBR65X900E)

Sony TVs are often more expensive than other brands, but they exude quality like no other. If you would like to get your hands on a giant Sony TV without having to sell a kidney, this is as good a time as any, because this 65 ″ smart 4K LED TV from the Japanese company is currently being offered for $ 500 discount. This means that you can get it for just $ 1,499, instead of having to pay the list price of $ 1,999.

Buy here ($ 1,499, 99, $ 500 off)

5. Amazon: 55-inch OLED Smart Ultra HD 4K TV from LG Electronics (OLED55B7A)

LG is yet another popular television manufacturer and makes some really attractive products at various price points. This is the first of the two LG TVs we have on our list today, because Amazon is offering $ 703 off the $ 2,300 list price on this 4K Ultra HD LG 55 ″ OLED smart TV. You can get it for just $ 1,596.99 during the offer period.

Buy here ($ 1,596, 99, $ 703 off)

6. Best Buy: Samsung 55 ″ Class LED Smart 4K Ultra HD TV (UN55MU8000FXZA)

Samsung’s 8000 series televisions represent the best conventional television sets the company has to offer, but are relatively more expensive than their stable partners. This particular unit is also no exception to this rule. It usually costs $ 1,200, it can be yours for just $ 899.99 this black Friday.

Buy here ($ 899, 99, $ 300 off)

7. Best Buy: Samsung 50 ″ Smart LED 4K Ultra HD TV (UN50MU6070FXZA)

If you are looking for a 4K UHD TV from a reputable brand at a reasonable price, you should seriously consider this 50 ″ Samsung unit (UN50MU6070FXZA) which is currently on sale for just $ 399, 99, which is $ 300 less than its normal $ 700 price tag.

Buy here ($ 399, 99, $ 300 off)

8. Walmart: LG 49 ″ 4K smart TV (49UJ6200)

Trust Walmart to bring you some impressive offers during Black Friday. The retailer is offering this LG 49 ″ 4K LED smart TV for just $ 328, which represents more than 50% of its $ 700 starting price, so if you’re not looking for a giant TV, this can be the business. You are looking for this black friday.

Buy here ($ 328, $ 372 off)

9. Walmart: VIZIO 43 ″ LED full array TV with FHD (D43n-E4)

Vizio products always offer a great price-performance ratio, and the D43n-E4 is no exception. Especially when Walmart is offering only $ 198 this Black Friday – a discount of $ 134 from its regular price of $ 332. Note that this is not a ‘smart TV’, so you will need a smart box separate / TV / dongle to stream Netflix, Amazon Prime or other online services. The deal will be launched at midnight on November 23.

Buy here ($ 198.00, $ 134 off); The deal will be launched at midnight on November 23

10. Amazon: Sony’s 49-inch Sony Ultra HD LED TV (XBR49X900E)

This 49 inch Sony ultra HD smart LED TV is currently being offered for $ 898 on Amazon. The unit is usually available for $ 1,199, but you can purchase it for a legal discount of $ 300 at the moment.

Buy here ($ 898, $ 301 off)

11. Amazon: 32-inch TCL Roku 32-inch LED Smart TV (32S305)

The latest televisions on this list are for those who are just looking for basic TVs from well-known brands at honest prices. This TCL 32 ″ TV fits perfectly. It’s not smart, it doesn’t have 4K and it comes with a relatively smaller screen, but you only need to pay $ 169, 99 during that time, instead of its regular price of $ 200 – a $ 30 discount for Black Friday .

Buy here ($ 169, 99, $ 30 off)

12. Target: Polaroid 32 «flat panel 720p LED TV (32GSR3000FC)

The famous camera manufacturer Polaroid sold TVs with its own brand some time ago, and this particular unit is a definite option if you want to buy a TV really cockroach from a well-known brand on this black friday. The 32-inch non-smart TV is usually listed for $ 160, but Target is offering a $ 30 discount on it now, so get it for $ 129.99 while supplies last.

Buy here ($ 129, 99, $ 30 off)

The best Black Friday TV deals in 2017

If you’ve resisted buying a TV for the past few months, hoping to save a lot during the Black Friday sale, this is your opportunity to put your plan into practice. So go ahead, make your choice from the list above, and treat yourself to a new TV set this Black Friday. Happy shopping you!