12.9 ″ iPad Pro with Magic Keyboard is heavier than the current MacBook Air

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The combination of new iPad Pro like Magic Keyboard can make many people question the need for a “complete” laptop: iPadOS is mature enough to perform all the basic tasks of an average user, and the presence of a trackpad – combined with improved support for pointer devices on iPadOS 13.4 – it is sufficient for you to use the tablet normally as a portable computer in all situations.

However, for those who thought of replacing the MacBook with a 12.9-inch iPad Pro imagining a possible smaller load in the backpack, it is better to think again: the combination of the tablet and the Magic Keyboard actually weighs more than the current one MacBook Air – even though the difference is not so great.

Apple had not revealed the weight of the Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro at the time of its launch, but now, with the accessory reaching the first consumers around the world, we already have the numbers: according to a reader from MacRumors, the keyboard cover for the larger iPad model weighs 710 grams – more, even, than the 12.9 ″ iPad Pro itself, which weighs 641 grams.

With that, the iPad Pro 12.9 ″ + Magic Keyboard combination gets 1.35kg – 60g more than the current MacBook Air, and closer to the weight of a 13 ″ MacBook Pro (1.37kg).

For those who choose the 11 ″ iPad Pro, then the difference is considerable: the Magic Keyboard for the smaller tablet weighs 601 grams, bringing the total weight of the combination to 1.07kg.

In other words, the choice between an iPad Pro and a MacBook Air is not so simple: it will all depend on the use that each person will make of the machine, and what kind of tasks they will prioritize at the time of purchase. It is worth remembering that, with the MacBook Air price drop, the 12.9 ″ iPad Pro and the Apple laptop cost the same in their entry models (US $ 1,000, or R $ 10,500 / R $ 10,300 in Brazil, respectively) – with the difference that, in the case of the iPad Pro, you will need to spend an extra $ 350 (or R $ 3,000 in Brazil) for the keyboard with trackpad.

Loading via Magic Keyboard is almost the same

Still on the subject of iPad Pro / Magic Keyboard, other interesting details started to be discovered now that the accessory started to be dispatched. For example: at the time of the announcement, some users feared that the USB-C port on the keyboard would charge the tablet at less power than the input from the device itself. Fortunately, however, the difference is minimal.

The door passthrough Magic Keyboard’s basically charges the iPad at full speed, so there are no worries about slower loading compared to the integrated connector.

Journalist Benjamin Mayo cited the tweet on one leaker, noting that the USB-C port on the iPad Pro charges the tablet to 26W, while the Magic Keyboard port decreases this power to approximately 22W. That is, there is a difference, but it will certainly not be noticed by users.

If a few more seconds of charging is unacceptable to you, however, there is always the option of connecting the charger directly to the iPad Pro’s USB-C port.

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