11 year old creates virus for iPhone

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According to several reports from security companies, the first Trojan for the Apple iPhone has been identified. The international press reports that the malicious code was distributed through fake applications that passed itself off as upgrades important for your phone.

The particularity of this case is that the code was created by an 11-year-old, who published the Trojan disguising it as an application «third-party«. In order for the file to have a relevant impact, the young man dubbed it»firmware 1.1.3 prep «, referring to it as a prep application for the software future updates.

However, and despite being a malicious code, the Trojan does not cause damage to the mobile phone when it is installed. Instead, it starts to cause problems when the user tries to delete the file since, when removing the application, legitimate files are removed from the iPhone.

The author of the malicious code has already been identified and obliged to remove the file from Modmyifone, the site where the upgrade.

Since the first application developed by third parties was launched last summer, concerns about possible attacks on the iPhone and consequently its users have been increasing.

Although this latest attack attempt has been detected, security companies report that users need to pay attention to the files they download to their equipment, especially if they are developed by third parties.

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