11 thousand Portuguese against mobile advertising

11 thousand Portuguese against mobile advertising

The list of the Directorate-General for Consumers, which rejects the reception of advertising messages via the mobile phone or in the electronic mailbox, already has more than 11 thousand signatures.

Created in March 2009, the list started operating in May of the same year, having since then received, and until last Friday, 11,277 subscriptions, a source from the Secretary of State for Commerce, Services and Consumer Protection told Lusa.

It is incumbent upon the Directorate-General for Consumers to keep the list updated, hosted on the Consumer Portal. Companies that now intend to use this advertising medium are legally obliged to consult this list, not being able to send emails, SMS or MMS to registered users.

It is recalled that the obligation to obtain prior consent from the recipient for sending messages for direct marketing purposes, as well as maintaining lists of people who express a desire not to receive that type of communication are legislative measures.

Editorial note: The URL of the page where the «National list of non-receipt of advertising communications» has been added, but since the link is not direct, it does not always work. The part of the text that referred to 2008 as the year the list was created was also corrected, since the resource was presented and made available in 2009.