11 entities make one last attempt to change the Portuguese vote in OpenXML

Sapo opens laboratory at the University of Aveiro

Four days before the deadline for the delivery of a definitive position to ISO, on the part of each country, Ansol and 10 other entities sent to the Ministry of Economy and Innovation and the Portuguese Institute of Quality, a last request for the meaning Portuguese voting system in the process of examining the proposed Microsoft standard for structured documents was changed.

The letter recalled that the technical committee appointed to consider the proposal reached a final vote on “Yes With Comments”, which the association asked to change to “No With Comments”. The “Yes with Comments” does not give countries the guarantee that their comments, when of a technical nature, will be analyzed and changes to the standard will be incorporated, Ansol argued. The association also mentioned in the document that the national technical commission was not very representative.

The technical commission created in Portugal to analyze Microsoft’s proposed standard for Office documents, OpenXML, attached to its “Yes” a set of 87 comments that summarize a set of points in which the specifications should be revised or changed.

In addition, the discussion in Portugal was marked by accusations of lack of representativeness of the technical committee, which, even after having been strengthened in the number of members, left out more than half a dozen entities interested in voting on the proposal.

Yesterday, September 2, was the last day for ISO member countries to send their vote to the international standardization body and make known whether or not they approve a new standard for the area of ​​documents. The same where the ISO has already normalized OpenDocumentFormat, a competing format.

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