11.4% of online time spent on social networks

Social networks prohibited at work

Social networks continued to captivate the interest of the Portuguese in 2008. According to Marktest, more than 2.5 million internet users residing in Mainland Portugal accessed these communities, that is, 84.4 percent of Portuguese Internet users.

Hi5 continues to be the most sought after social network by national internet users, obtaining almost 87 percent of the total navigation through pages of this nature over the past year. Netlog recorded 5.7 percent of the time and MySpace 1.5 percent, says the market research firm.

The same source, notes that throughout the year there were 7 billion pages of these networks, which makes an average of 2741 per user. In terms of navigation time, 40 million hours were spent, something like 15 hours and 40 minutes for each Internet user.

As such, given the results, Marktest concludes that virtual communities were responsible for 18.7 percent of page-views in 2008 and for 11.4 percent of the navigation time online In the same year.