10,000 million images on Google Images

لا يزال Facebook لا يعزل Google عن عدد الزوار

10 billion images are indexed to Google Images, Google revealed in its blogThe milestone is marked with a set of changes that will gradually become available (many are already), such as the launch of a new layout of the service – in which images stand out in comparison to text information.

In a search, the images that identify each result (thumbnail) also gain dimension. Explains Google, to adapt to new browsers and high-resolution screens.

Clicking on any image that results from a search will direct the user to a new page, where in addition to a larger image it is possible to have more contextual information and about the source of the content in question.

On each page it is also possible to have access to a larger number of images. More properly, it is now possible to browse between a thousand images per page, through the scroll.

In the reformulation, advertising is another area that gains new space, with a new format. Image Search Ads is a format that will be exclusive to image search and allows you to add small images between lines of text.

Google launched the image search service in 2001, with 250 million indexed entries. Three years later, the service already had more than 1 billion images available, a number that has since been multiplied by 10.

Since the service was launched, Google underlines, however, that it has not only endeavored to increase the number of images available, but also to refine the search results, in order to be able to offer more correct and faster images.