100 thousand ViaCTT users can now access the service via mobile phone

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CTT’s email box is now accessible via mobile phone, thanks to a WAP version now launched. Service users now have a new way of accessing the service, which allows them to receive invoices and correspondence from various services.

With 100 thousand users, ViaCTT allows you to receive official correspondence from the bank, telephone, electricity, water, among other services, public and private.

ViaCTT mobile access can be configured for access by entering a PIN code, which allows the service to be used from any mobile phone, or by registering the mobile phone number, which restricts the use to a single device.

ViaCTT was launched in June 2006 as an alternative for those who wished to stop receiving physical correspondence from the entities with whom they interact every month. To function in this way, it depended on the adhesion of service companies, which has been happening progressively. In addition to viewing bank statements and accounts payable, ViaCTT also allows payment of those accounts. The use is free for the customer.

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