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The 100 Floors is a puzzle where lifts are the protagonists. All of this makes a big difference to this type of game, which is usually characterized by names and words. The goal is to get in elevators. But beware: this is not so easy to reach. For this you will have to decipher puzzles worthy of the effnges. Read our review and draw your conclusions.

Functions & Usage

Device: Samsung Galaxy NexusAndroid version: 4.1.1Root: YesMods: Yes / Popcorn Kernel 11.5The permissions to play 100 Floors are very straightforward, which seems interesting. If you are looking for a truce of shooter games but don't want to get involved in classic puzzle games like Sudoku, 100 Floors is definitely a great alternative. And the game is quite easy: just open the door to one or several elevators. To do this, you must solve a lot of puzzles that are connected to the elevators. At first, everything seems very easy, but do not get used to this bush, because there are only 100 floors in front.

The best of 100 Floors that sophisticated play makes use of your device's sensors and integrates them with your controls. This means that when obstacles must be moved, you just have to tilt your phone in the right direction. Another example of how the app knows how to get the most out of your Android is the two-door opening feature.

Some of the puzzles are pretty hard to solve. Examining what is around can help a lot in these cases. Solved a puzzle, an expired floor. Those become increasingly difficult as you go higher.

Conclusion:100 Floors is a fun option if you're one of those who enjoy challenging puzzle games. It is curious that we had the impression that in some cases the difficult puzzles seemed easy to us and vice versa.

Screen & Controls

You will not be dazzled by the graphics of the 100 Floors. 2D aesthetics are not overloaded. Controls vary from puzzle to puzzle, but they are still good. Sometimes it is necessary to press buttons, sometimes to tilt the appliance.

Speed ​​& Stability

100 Floors performed very well during our tests. Nothing to make us complain about the app.

Price / Performance Ratio

100 Floors is a free application and can be downloaded from our App Center. We must say, however, that advertising banners even bother.