10 years of iPhone: Check out the evolution in the design of each device, from the first

After ten years of consolidation in the smartphone market, Apple has decided to radically change the design of the iPhone by removing its iconic Home button (Home) on iPhone X.

But although in recent years the design changes have not been so great, they have happened and that's what shows the superb video of the YouTuber Canoey, which presents the evolution in the design of all iPhones until you reach the youngest.

As much as we have tracked all the changes over the years, it is really interesting to see every visual detail and format that differentiates the handsets since the first iPhone released in 2007.

When we look back at history, it is inevitable that we will also think about what the future awaits us. The new paradigm presented by the iPhone X was risky, but the new gesture-only interaction seems to be very well received by users. Still, Apple's design boss Jony Ive says the company still has "big ideas" they are already working on, pointing to "the beginning of a new chapter."

Given that the new rumors point to a "Plus" version of the X-shaped device next year, let's wait to see what upcoming surprises the company will introduce us to.

via 9to5Mac