10 years ago the first iPad was presented to the world

10 years ago the first iPad was presented to the world

In day January 27, 2010, Steve Jobs presented to the world the first iPad. The idea was that the device was an intermediary between a smartphone and a notebook, since Jobs considered that "Netbooks are the same as notebooks, only worse and cheaper". In the first presentation he stated that iPads would be much better at browsing the web than notebooks and smartphones.

The original iPad has classic features, many are still present in current models. The thick borders around the screen of the first model and the central button at the bottom, defined the design of the first iPad model. Its display was 9.7 inches, with a resolution of 10.7×768. Its main specifications were the "incredible" 256MB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage. Its processor was only one core, the Apple A4, and he had a up to 10 hours battery life.

Its main objective was to offer internet browsing in a simplified way, as well as reading ebooks and browsing social networks. It fulfilled its role and sold many units, but it never became a trend like smartphones and notebooks. O Peak sales were recorded in 2014, with 26 million units sold.

A big difference between the latest models and the original iPad, the price they are marketed. While Apple's first tablet was announced by $ 499, today we find the most powerful ones reaching double, about $ 999.

The tablet industry, unlike what Steve Jobs believed, was never very revolutionary. After the release of the first iPad version, there were no major changes. The specifications have been improved, some possibilities of drawing on the screen with Apple Pencil were added, but nothing that would make a major change in the market. Only in 2019 did devices start to have their own operating system, the iPadOS. Until then, the same system as the iPhones was used, the iOS.


A version of iOS 13 optimized for larger screens

At tablet sales peaked in late 2012, remaining stable until 2019, decreasing at the end of the year. This data is from the StatCounter website that registers active devices worldwide. This chart includes all brands that make these devices, not just Apple. Click on the image to enlarge it.

The graph shows sales of desktops, in the blue line, mobile devices, in the green line and tablets, in the purple line. You can see that Tablets have never reached even 20% of total sales. The current scenario dominated by mobile devices, with 53.29%, right after that are the Desktops, with 43.99% and lastly, with 2.72% share, there are tablets.

Today, tablets are still widely used by children, to be used as an object of recreation. It is very common for parents to opt for the device for their child to browse videos and games, even having several options on the market made specifically for this audience. This is the case for Android devices, Apple does not aim (at least not yet) in that target audience.

There are currently four iPad models available, namely: iPad, iPad Pro, iPad Mini and iPad Air. In addition to the devices themselves, Apple also makes available to its users a series of accessories that can be purchased separately, which help to improve the experience.

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