10 years ago, Sergey Brin introduced Android to the world

LG and Samsung deny slowing down older devices

Exactly 10 years ago, Google co-founder Sergey Brin announced an initiative to build an operating system aimed at smart devices.

At that time, the software had just undergone drastic changes and had few resources available. The integration with Google products, however, was already drawing public attention.

“There is no GPhone. I want to introduce you to the Android platform, ”says Googler Steve Horowitz, of the rumors of the time that pointed to a“ Google Phone ”.

«We believe that this platform will allow the creation of thousands of GPhones», points out the official, unaware that Android would reach astronomical numbers in very few years.

In order to encourage early developers, Brin also announced the creation of a $ 10 million contest for those interested in creating apps for Android.

«We have built some interesting applications for Android, but the best applications are not yet here and they will be written by developers,» said the technology president at Google at the time.

«We would like to reward these developers and recognize them as much as possible.»

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