10 voice commands for you to use with Google Now on your Android

Some voice commands you didn't know on Google Now

Google Now is the personal assistant for Android and can receive instructions from you via voice commands.

Google Now Voice Commands

What many people are unaware of are such voice commands, so in this article we will clarify the 10 voice commands I find most useful:

1 – V for "sitename"

For example, "Go to www.diolinux.br", in this same line of search and access to websites, there is still a variation:

Search for "Diolinux Android", and Google Now does a Google search with these terms.

2 – Open "AppName"

Very useful for many applications, especially if they are disorganized, use for example:

Open Gmail

3 – Create a note "Buy gift from secret friend"

Say it Create a note and tell the information that should be contained in the note, Google Now gives you options to save the note by sending a notification in your Gmail or sending it to your Google Keep.

4 – Call "Your Madruga"

A very useful command to quickly call one of your contacts, say, Call "contact name".

5 – Where is "the nearest pizzeria"

A very useful command too, say Where is, and then say the place as "square of s" or a generic place as in the title example followed by "nearest".

6 – Weather forecast

This one I found very cool, there are 3 ways we can get weather information from Google Now:

1. Do I need an umbrella tomorrow?

2. How is the temperature (day and time) in (local)?

3. What is the weather forecast for tomorrow?

7 – Currency Converter

A very simple way to convert values ​​into different currencies, open Google Now and say:

To convert "amount and name of first currency" in "second currency name", for example:

Convert 10 dollars to reais

8 – Make accounts

You can do accounts using Google Now, for example:

Add / subtract / divide / multiply "first number" by "second number"

9 – When?

If you have trouble remembering certain dates, you can use Google Now to help you remember, say, When "Valentine's Day" or any other date.

10 – Create an alarm

Waking up early, how wonderful! To help you create an alarm you can use Google Now, for example, Create an alarm for "time", Create an alarm for 7 and 30.

And with this we close our list of what I consider to be some of the coolest and most useful voice commands from Google Now, until next time!