10 video games to avoid

انخفض سوق ألعاب الفيديو بنسبة 21٪ في ديسمبر

Gang wars, sex scenes and illegal substance use are part of the video game storyline that the National Institute on Media and the Family has included in its annual report’s list as titles to avoid for under-17s.

The 13th report of this North American study again points to the most violent games as a way to advise parents who are often unaware of the type of games their children use.

This institute has been advocating the adoption of better ways of classifying games and the intervention of retailers to prevent minors from buying titles rated for adults.

The classification of games has been improved, as the institute acknowledges in this study, but there are still many young people who spend a lot of time playing games for adults, says President David Walsh, in the report.

The institute has published a Guide for parents and educators that gives some advice on how to manage the issue, in addition to a Purchase Guide.

In the list of games not recommended for children under 17 are «Blitz: The League II», «Gears of War 2», «Saints Row 2», «Dead Space,» «Fallout 3,» «Far Cry 2,» » Legendary, «» Left 4 Dead, «» Resistance 2 «and» Silent Hill: Homecoming. «