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10 travel apps for iPhone

Traveling accurately but without the right planning can end up stressing you more than relaxing. Travel apps today are essential allies, from planning to decisions that have to be made while traveling.

Check out some apps available for iOS devices, making your life easier when you pack up.

IPhone travel apps that make your trip easier

Traveling is very good, but relying on different sources that can make travel smoother even better. We have selected here some available iPhone apps that make traveling easier. Check out!

TripAdvisor: Hotels, Flights

TripAdvisor: Hotels, Flights (AppStore Link)

It is great for finding hotels and even specific tourist destinations such as sightseeing and restaurants. It has real opinions from visitors, with ratings, photos and tips. For ease, the user can refine the search for the most highly rated locations.

KAYAK Travel Search Engine

KAYAK Travel Search (AppStore Link)

Kayak helps you organize your entire trip, from buying tickets, to hotel and car rentals. Compare the values ​​of various sites available and also allows you to track the status of yours. It also gives you the information you need to get the cheapest flight for the period of your trip.


Airbnb (AppStore Link)

It is an online service that allows people to advertise or book a place of accommodation anywhere in the world. The cost turns out to be lower than booking a hotel room, for example. This form of hosting is becoming very common worldwide.

Booking Travel Deals

Booking Travel Deals (AppStore Link)

One of the best known sites for hotel and accommodation comparison and booking. Available in over 120,000 destinations worldwide, it has a search engine that can be refined by daily value, location, hotel structure. In addition, there is also an option to pick you up and transfer taxis from the airport.


BlaBlaCar (AppStore Link) Developer: CommuteCompatibility: (iPhone) (iPad in 2x mode) Category: Travel ›Social NetworkingPrice: Free

One of the hitchhiking apps for those who want to travel cheaper and through it, you can do a search informing the place of departure and destination. I need to register in the application and if you can not find a ride to the destination you need, on the date you are looking for, just leave a warning that you receive an alert via email as soon as the opportunity arises.

XE Currency Converter

XE Currency Converter (AppStore Link) Developer: XE Inc.Compatibility: (iPhone) (iPad) Category: Travel ›FinanasPrice: Free

If you lose a little while converting currencies? This app is an ally when it comes to staying on top of rates, having many other tools in the area of ​​economy and also the option to be used offline.


Duolingo (AppStore Link)

Duolingo is a very useful game for those who want to learn a new language. At each step, you complete the tasks to earn experience points and advance, increasing the difficulty. With several languages ​​available, over 70 million people are using this app.

Google translator

AppStore Link Developer: Google LLCCompatibility: (iPhone) (iPad) Category: Reference ›TravelPrice: Free

Perhaps the most widely used translation app in the world, it is also useful not to squeeze when foreign language knowledge gets you down. In addition to learning various languages, you can also point your camera at a board, for example, and thus have your text translated in real time. You can hear the typed word and learn its pronunciation.


AroundMe (AppStore Link)

Using your current location, the app locates and lists what's around you, such as bars, restaurants, movie theaters, and theaters. AroundMe's differential is also to list ATMs, pharmacies, supermarkets, parking lots and gas stations.

MAPS.ME Offline Maps

MAPS.ME Offline Maps (AppStore Link) Developer: My B.V.Compatibility: (iPhone) (iPad) Category: Travel ›NavigationPrice: Free

Contains maps from around the world. In addition to being a free app, you do not need a connection to load the maps, as long as they have been previously downloaded. Also great for charting the most convenient routes to destinations of interest.

Final Considerations

I hope you enjoyed it, if any of the list you wish to recommend to our readers were missing, please share the name of the app in the comments.

A hug, until now.

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