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10 Translation Apps for Smartphone

Anyone can take advantage of translation applications. You may be learning a new language or even already communicating in some foreign language. Anyone may need a little extra help and these apps are very helpful in this regard. With that in mind, we've created a list of the top ten smartphone translation apps.

That way you never run out of some untranslated website or crash when talking to foreigners. So get to know the best smartphone translation apps with us!

1. Google Translate

The first of the translation application options is Google Translate, which is certainly the tool of its kind best known to users around the world. It offers over 100 different languages, ranging from English, Portuguese, French, Spanish and Italian to languages ​​such as Latin, Russian and Chinese.

Its very simple and intuitive interface, allowing anyone to use the app without problems, but does not lack functionality. Some of them are the ability to translate 60 languages ​​without having to be connected to the internet. It is also possible to translate photo texts and do simultaneous translation between two languages. To download, follow to the Play Store or the App Store.

Google translator

2. Greengow Classic

This is an app we recently covered in our list of apps for talking to foreigners. It offers a translator between 10 different languages, which works for both text and voice. It can even translate your calls.

In addition, it allows its users to connect with people from other countries, making it possible to create international ties to improve their foreign language skills. It is available for download for both Android and iOS.

3. Microsoft Translator

Another translation smartphone application is the Microsoft translator. It allows the user to have conversations with one or more people who speak different languages ​​with simultaneous translation.

In addition, it also offers text and voice translation for over 60 different languages, and can also translate from photos from your camera or screenshots. To download, go to the Play Store or the App Store.

4. Yandex.Translate

Yandex.Translate offers online translation for over 90 different languages. Offline, you can translate French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish and Turkish into English. It also allows the user to speak sentences in certain languages ​​so that they can be translated quickly.

The app also offers a dictionary for discovering synonyms, most common uses and learning new words quite easily. You can translate photos you have taken so you never get lost if you are traveling to another country. It is available for download for Android and iOS.

Yandex.Translate Translation Applications

5. Skype Translator

We Skype within our application list for translation because this platform, however it has focused primarily on communication for easy video, also offers simultaneous translation for those who need to talk to who speaks in the same language.

It also offers text translation for over 50 languages. Video or voice calls can be made with up to 24 different people, regardless of what device they use. To download, follow the link for Android and iPhones.

6. iTranslate Language and Dictionary Translator

ITranslate is one of the most downloaded translation apps for iPhone, allowing you to translate in over 100 different languages. It allows the user to switch between different dialects and to choose whether to prefer to hear the translations in male or female voices.

This app also has synonymous dictionary, phrase book and many other features. In the paid version, you get features like camera translation or voice conversations, among others. Download iTranslate on your Android or iOS smartphone.

7. Reverse

Reverso is one of the best and most downloaded smartphone translation apps, with over 5 million downloads on the Play Store. It offers fast word and expression translations, with several contextual examples for each translation.

The app has a very simple and easy to use interface, as well as having simultaneous translation in 10 languages, natural pronouns, word suggestions and verb conjugations. Follow the link to download for Android or iOS.

Reverse translation apps

8. Linguee

This is a slightly different alternative to most smartphone translation applications. The translations that Linguee offers are always offered in a contextual way, making it easy to understand the real meaning of each word. It shows the most common synonyms for each translation, making it easier to build texts.

It offers dictionaries in several languages, but most of them between English and another language. For Portuguese, can translate only to English, Spanish, French and German. It has a version for use in your favorite browser (to view, follow the link), plus Android and iPhones apps.

9. Babylon

This is another of the most famous options on our list, originally emerging as a dictionary that has expanded into translation. It is integrated with several of the best dictionaries such as Oxford and Merriam-Webster, and is compatible with over 75 different languages.

It can translate emails, articles and any text you are reading on your device using its over 1600 source glossaries and dictionaries for it. Go to the official website for use on your computer, or download to smartphones via the link.

10. Voice Translator

We have reached the bottom of our list with this one of the smartphone translation apps, which specializes in voice translations. It supports over 80 different languages, with voice input for everyone.

Voice Translator offers word suggestion, spell checking, translation and search history, as well as allowing you to have a conversation in any language and learn English easily. To download, follow to the Play Store. It has no iOS version.

Translator voice translation applications

What did you think about these smartphone translation apps?

Leave us comments if you already knew any of them and which one is your favorite. Also, tell them if you met any new ones that you thought were best and we forgot to include what you like to wear.