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10 tips to protect your Android screen

Newer smartphones and tablets have a much tougher screen than their predecessors, thanks to materials like Gorilla Glass. This means that breaking or scratching the touch screen of a device is becoming increasingly difficult, but not impossible. I have collected in this article 10 tips for preserving your Android screen intact.

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1. Only use your fingers or stylus for compatible devices like the Galaxy Note 3. The Sony Xperia Z Ultra allows you to use normal pencils and pens on the screen, but this should not be done on other devices.

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Use only the stylus or fingers on your touchscreen. Androidpit

2. Prevent the screen from contacting other electrical appliances. Many people think that it will only damage the smartphone, but in fact the only thing they can do to unregulate the magnetic sensor built into the device (and, consequently, the apps that depend on the compass).

3 Electrostatic discharge, ie a sudden surge of electricity between two connected devices can lead to screen malfunction. This can happen if you place your smartphone near an electrically conductive object that is isolated from the ground.

4 It's an obvious tip, but it's worth remembering: Don't hit or shake your device to make it work faster. Your smartphone is not like an old TV set. Also, even when you are heavily involved in games like Candy Crush, do not apply excessive pressure to the screen.

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Cracked screens are more common than you think. AndroidPIT
<p><strong> 5</strong> Have you ever heard of a problem called burn-in or ghost screen? This is a permanent discoloration of a part of the smartphone screen caused by the irregular use of pixels. Prolonged use of still images may create a permanent shadow or ghost of that image on the screen. If your device has this issue, see this article for a fix. And to avoid it, do not leave the screen active for long periods.</p>
<p><strong>6</strong> Protect your device with a cover or <em>case</em>. There are types for all tastes and budgets, in physical and virtual electronics stores. A cover greatly reduces the likelihood of damage if you drop your device, as well as protecting the screen from scratches.</p>
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case Protects your smartphone and reduces damage from a fall. / AndroidPIT

7 Avoid direct sunlight. Leaving your smartphone or tablet with a sun-exposed LCD display for a long time can permanently damage the screen.

8 When cleaning your device, use a microfiber cloth for the display. You can even use the cloths that come with your sunglasses. Avoid using a wet cloth. Steam from your breath is enough moisture (of course, if your appliance is water resistant you can use a damp cloth). Wipe the cloth gently over the screen.

9 Take extra care when bringing your device to the beach. Grains of sand can be the main enemies of an immaculate canvas.

10 It is worth buying an adhesive film for your screen. It does not harm touch controls and even protects against dust and scratches.

Do you know other tips to protect the screen of smartphones and tablets? Tell us in the comments!

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