10 tips to optimize the Moto G battery

10 tips to optimize the Moto G battery

Use the Moto G several months ago, and one of its most surprising features is how long your battery lasts. Even so, as I don’t want that to change, I researched some measures and small things that will help us to further extend the battery life of the Moto G.

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1. Update the software

It goes without saying that each firmware update in principle brings features that improve the performance of the device and, above all, optimize power management mainly with respect to the phone’s applications. Moto G is about to receive the Android 5.0. To check if your device can be upgraded, go to “Settings> System updates”To see if there are any pending. And remember, Android 5.0 can arrive at any time.


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2. Disable Google Now

You may not know it yet, but the Google Now is a multitasking application that really eats up data and constantly needs an internet connection, which affects the battery. Instead of using it, I recommend that you use Google search when you need to find something, and disable Google Now. To do this, open Google search and go to Settings (click on the three dots at the bottom). Then, disable the first option, Google Now, by moving the blue bar to «No» and confirming your action.


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3. Disable very heavy launchers

Applications like Go Launcher, Themer, etc., take up a lot of RAM, in most cases unnecessarily. If you want to avoid draining your battery, I recommend choosing leaner launchers like Apex or Nova.

4. Use data synchronization selectively

This is very important, especially when it comes to storing photos, for example. If you have activated the automatic synchronization option, whenever you take a photo, the device will upload it to the cloud. This consumes not only data like energy, and a lot. I recommend that you use tools like Google+ carefully. To have control over this, go to «Settings> Accounts> Google«and you’ll see the different options in your account.


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5. Disable location

It’s no surprise that having GPS enabled constantly will devour your smartphone’s power. Applications such as weather forecast, traffic updates, Google Maps, etc. use it, but most don’t need GPS all the time. In addition, it is very easy to activate the location option when you need it. You find it in «Settings> Location«.


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6. Disable Bluetooth and WiFi

Although they are efficient options, they remain functions that consume more battery in Moto G. The constant search for an available network ends up depleting Moto G. Bluetooth does the same. It is recommended to activate them when necessary, and disable them after that through the quick settings.


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7. Configure automatic brightness

The screen, on all smartphones, is the component that uses the most energy. The more it shines, the higher the battery consumption of the Moto G. This is a basic rule, not just for the Moto G. Concretely, in this device the most recommended is to set the brightness to Automatic mode instead of adjusting it manually . To do this, go to quick settings, and in the first option you will see the brightness. Put it on automatic and the device will regulate it by itself, based on the ambient light.


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8. Screen timer

Very good when we are not using Moto G is to leave the screen suspended, or else set the automatic suspension to 1 minute or less. To do this, go to «Settings> Display> Standby mode«. Then you can configure the time for the screen to go out.


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9. Selective data plan

If you are not using the internet, why spend data constantly (and therefore battery)? You can configure 2G connectivity for calls and switch to 3G when you want to perform other functions. Just go to «Settings> More> Mobile networks> Network mode«.


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10. Greenify

This application will help to freeze and control applications that are running in the background, or when not in use. It can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store, but requires root. If you want to root your Moto G, I recommend this article.

GreenifyInstall on Google Play

Our community also has great tips for saving energy on Moto G (see links to forum topics below this article).

How long does the battery last on your Moto G? Do you know more tips that help to increase your autonomy?