10 third-party apps for you to test on your Android

10 aplikasi pihak ketiga untuk Anda uji di Android Anda

Many manufacturers use the Google Play Store to offer some native apps and other services available on their devices for models from other manufacturers. Of course, many apps are exclusive, but you can find in another brand’s portfolio some option that may be useful for your competitor’s Android. Next you will see 10 apps from some brands to test on your smartphone.

Samsung Internet

The Galaxy’s native browser was recently made available by Samsung and brings some very interesting options, such as a native ad blocker, reading mode and an internal store with some extensions. It can be used by any non-Galaxy model in beta.

samsung internet browser beta

Samsung Internet / © AndroidPIT

Samsung Internet Browser BetaInstall on Google Play

ASUS File Manager

Asus has numerous apps on the Play Store, and some utilities are compatible with numerous models from other brands. The Film Manager is the most interesting of them, capable of managing the internal and external storage of the device and also has tools that help the user to regularly maintain the internal space.

asus file manager app

ASUS File Manager / © AndroidPIT (screenshot)

File Manager (File Explorer)Install on Google Play

Sony Audio Recorder

The Xperia family audio recorder is full of features and very useful, allowing the recording to be edited, shared or saved in the phone’s storage. You can also choose the space in which the files should be saved, as in the microSD card or in the internal memory.

sony recorder app native

Sony Audio Recorder / © AndroidPIT (screenshot)

Audio RecorderInstall on Google Play

Sony News

Sony Notícias is an RSS aggregator that can be customized by the user. You can search for specific tags, such as «Android», to compose your feed or categories. The app displays ads in some articles and does not have a reading mode, but it can be interesting for those who browse many sites and want to bring them together in one place.

sony social life app

Sony Notícias / © AndroidPIT (screenshot)

Sony News: News SuiteInstall on Google Play

Moto Body

Moto Body is ideal for anyone who wears a smart watch or fitness bracelet, or else wants to control their physical exercises by cell phone. You can set goals for steps or burning calories, and the software is integrated with the cardiac sensor (if your cell phone has one).

moto body native apps

Moto Body / © AndroidPIT (screenshot)

Moto BodyInstall on Google Play

Nokia Z Launcher

The Nokia Z Launcher is an old acquaintance of the site’s readers. It is a launcher based on drawings and handwriting, where you can search for applications on the screen easily. It is a very simple option, aimed at those who do not insist on using several home screens or folders.

nokia z launcher app native

Nokia Z Launcher / © AndroidPIT (screenshot)

Z Launcher BetaInstall on Google Play

Microsoft Apps

Microsoft owns numerous apps, some of which are native to Windows Phone, such as Skype, Swiftkey and the Office suite. Therefore, I decided to present Microsoft Apps in this list, which is a kind of hub that gathers the company’s apps in the form of a shortcut to the Play Store. My recommendation here is Cortana, the company’s virtual assistant, which can be used on Android without any problems.

microsoft apps native

Microsoft Apps / © AndroidPIT (screenshot)

Microsoft AppsInstall on Google Play

BlackBerry Calendar

BlackBerry has numerous apps, such as a Messenger and a Launcher, but what caught my attention was the Calendar. It is not suitable for continuous use, but it can help anyone looking for a temporary option to use for a few days during a project, for example. The license lasts 30 days to use all the features, and the integration with email accounts and social networks are the app’s strengths.

blackberry calendar native apps

BlackBerry Calendar / © AndroidPIT (screenshot)

BlackBerry calendarInstall on Google Play

Alcatel Weather

Alcatel’s Weather comes with two interesting widgets and an interface, with weather information provided by AccuWeather. The app works well, recognizes the location automatically with ease.

alcatel weather app

Alcatel Weather / © AndroidPIT (screenshot)

Download Alcatel Weather here on the Play Store

LG Coloring

Coloring is an interesting hobby, but to use it, the device must be compatible with a stylus. If you have a model with this feature, then you will make good use of the app. The available designs are dots, that is, it is not possible to create a new one, just to color it.

lg coloring native apps

LG Coloring © AndroidPIT (screenshot)

LG ColoringInstall on Google Play

So, which one will you test today?

* Check compatibility with your device on Google Play.