10 things you need to know about Android TV

10 things you need to know about Android TV

Every year, the CES 2015 electronics fair in Las Vegas presents many innovative TVs, but this year it brought something different: several of the best devices arrived with the operating system of the little green robot! This is Google’s third attempt to conquer this market further, and this time it bets on one of its most successful products. Check out 10 things you need to know about Android TV below.

android tv 2

Android TV can conquer the rooms of the world. / © ANDROIDPIT

1. It is an extremely ambitious project

Android TV is not just a power box: it is an entire ecosystem designed to display content on any of your devices: your TV, your smartphone, tablet… you can buy power boxes with Android TV (Apple TV style) or Kindle Fire TV), but many modern TVs will come with native Android TV.

2. This time the project is good

Previous attempts at TVs with Google systems were not good, but Android TV represents a big improvement over predecessors. This is partly due to the applications it runs. Android TV has a uniform interface with Android L. This means that developers can easily adapt and create applications for both smartphones with Android Lollipop and for televisions with Android TV (obviously the necessary adaptations are made).

3. It is also a gaming platform

android tv 3

The Razer Forge is a power box with Android TV that also plays PC games. / © ANDROIDPIT

Everything you do on your phone can also be done on TV. This includes games, especially the growing list of applications with more complex graphics, which can look great on a larger screen. The company Razer has already announced a power box with Android TV and joystick (Razer Forge) especially aimed at those interested in games, but for now playing games on the PC. It will cost between $ 100 and $ 150 in the United States.

4. Already has a release date in the United States

The power boxes of independent companies with Android TV, as well as the devices that already bring the native system will reach the American market in the first quarter of this year.

5. It does a lot more than Chromecast

chromecast nexus tv w

Chromecast is great, but Android TV is more ambitious. / © ANDROIDPIT

Chromecast is a great way to play content from your Android device, but its function is limited to that. Android TV goes further. It can give access to Google Play Games and can compete with traditional consoles, in addition to Play Music and Play Movies. It will be controlled by voice through Google Now, and that means you’ll also receive lots of content suggestions. Android TV is also connected to other great services like Netflix. That way, you are not restricted to Google content.

6. Sony TVs with Android TV are fantastic

sony android tv

All Sony Smart TVs run on Android TVs. / © Sony

When it comes to Android TV, Google’s best friend so far is Sony. All Sony smart TVs in 2015 run on Android TV: 11 new LCD Bravia devices with screen sizes ranging from 43 to 75 inches. Support for Android TV is also on the way for Sharp and Philips.

7. Samsung is out of the game

You have probably noticed that I haven’t mentioned a word about the South Korean giant until now. In fact, Samsung has integrated its own operating system, Tizen, into its smart TVs, part of its strategy towards independence from Google.

8. Some devices are thinner than your smartphone

One of the Bravia TVs is thinner than an Xperia Z3, with its thinner part measuring just 4.9 mm. As a comparison, the Z3 is 7.3 mm thick.

9. Sony invented a super remote control for Android TV

sony google tv remote

The image above is a Sony remote control for Google TV. Your control for Android TV is much simpler. / © Sony

Sony’s remote controls for Google TV looked like an explosion in a keyboard factory, but it seems that the Japanese manufacturer got it right this time: the Android TV control is in practice a super developed touchpad. Like all Android TV devices, it also supports voice commands and Google Cast.

10. She killed Google TV

Android TV is not the new name for Google TV, it is its replacement. Google TV developers announced on Google+ that “a small group of devices will be upgraded to Android TV, but most Google TV devices will not be supported by the new platform”.

What do you think? Will this time Google consolidate itself in the software market for smart TVs?