10 super attractions to enjoy at Game XP this weekend

10 super attractions to enjoy at Game XP this weekend

Showmetech was at Game XP to check out the attractions and separated a list of the best attractions for you to check out this weekend

Last Thursday (25), the second edition of the Game XP. Daughter of the organizers of Rock in Rio and the Comic Con Experience, the convention that is described as “The biggest game park in the world” is gathering gamers fans from all over Brazil in Olympic Park, in Rio de Janeiro, until Sunday, July 28th.

THE Game XP appeared there in 2017 as a “mini-event” within the Rock in Rio. The success was so great that the creators of the project came together once again to try to do the solo event. As we could see, it worked.

In 2018, the first edition of the Game XP. As well as the Rock in Rio, the event occupied the Olympic Park, creating a city made for fans of the gamer world to explore the universes they are used to being immersed online.

Game XP moves a legion of gamers from all over Brazil

Game XP moves a legion of gamers from all over Brazil

Fortnite, Crash Bandicoot, Pac-Man… Some of the games that won the hearts of gamers became real-life experiences to enjoy during the four days of the convention. Now that the first two have passed, it is good to organize yourself to be able to enjoy the best of Game XP this year.

As the Olympic Park it is gigantic, wear comfortable shoes and warm clothes that can withstand a hot day in Rio de Janeiro. We have prepared here in this post the 10 main attractions that you need to check out before playing head first in the biggest gamer event in Brazil.

Nescau fills the Game XP with adrenaline with zip lines and bicycle competition

Who said that just because the event is a video game you need to sit and play? Part of the experience is enjoying the adrenaline and that’s exactly what Nescau wants to offer for you on Game XP: a zip line that will take you on a mind-boggling trip of 30 seconds on one side of the Olympic Park to the other.

The zip line gives you a panoramic view of the city of games, going over the kart track. If a race is going on, looking down becomes even cooler. For the bravest, it is worth standing upside down to feel even more adrenaline.

Tirolesa da Nescau takes you for a walk in the Olympic Park

Tirolesa da Nescau takes you for a walk in the Olympic Park

Another action by Nescau what wants to make you move is the bicycle racing competition – after all, the games are there to show that it is possible, yes, to use the competition as something healthy and to strengthen the team spirit. The team that pedal faster and fill the lightning bolt wins the contest. But pay attention to the tip: if one of the members is pedaling slowly, the whole team will be harmed – so it is necessary that everyone does their best in the installation to be able to win the prizes at the end.

If you pass by the brand stand to participate in the bike competition, you will also be able to witness the team of talented and inclusive dancers rocking the steps and putting the whole Game XP to dance together. To further increase the sporting spirit of the convention, the Nescau invited brothers Diego and Dany Hypólito from artistic gymnastics, jiu-jitsu fighter Kyra Gracie, basketball player Olivinha and soccer player Wendel Lira to make them feel that the energy and adrenaline of e-sports is as real as the of sports in real life.

Full-size Pac-Man

Pac Man is a classic of games. After all, who never guided the Mr. Pac through the maze in search of fruit to turn the situation around and be able to devour the ghosts? At Game XP, you will see Pac Man in a way you’ve never seen – in fact, you’ll experience the game in a whole new way.

A giant maze was set up in the Game XP so that players can compete with each other as if it were a game of Pac Man: two (or three) are the ghosts while one of them is the Mr. Pac. As soon as they are positioned, the game begins and the eat-eat needs to sneak through the maze without being caught by the ghosts.

Become Pac-Man and eat your opponents

Become Pac-Man and eat your opponents

Just like the game that was a fever in 2011, this version puts you as the main character of one of the most iconic games in the gamer world. On the screen behind the maze, it is possible to have a vision like that of the game. That way, if you don’t want to feel the thrill of running from ghosts, you can just check out people having fun in a super animated game.

Crash Bandicoot track

One of the biggest highlights of this edition of Game XP is the themed go-kart track Crash Bandicoot. The action is to promote the remastering and relaunch of the classic Crash Nitro Kart, now renamed Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled. The game has been available since June 21st.

We analyzed the

We analyzed the “new” crash and you can check the review at the link

Roller coaster with virtual reality

One of the coolest attractions is, without a doubt, the roller coaster with the VR glasses. Even though the structure of the toy is small and the cart is modest, the physical experience works together with the fiction created by virtual reality that you see with your own eyes. It is one of the coolest activities and one of the most important for those who also want to ride one of the toys.

Galaxy Rush: the roller coaster with Virtual Reality.

Galaxy Rush: the roller coaster with Virtual Reality

Fortnite Elevator

A 40-meter drop awaits fans of Fortnite at Game XP. If you want excitement and feel even more adrenaline than playing a game, this is the elevator you should take advantage of during the event.

Why the fall? Well, as some fans pointed out in a report for TV Globo, it is exactly to simulate the fall of the players at the beginning of the game, when they jump off the battle bus to fall at a strategic point and start the game.

Ferris wheel

Trademark of amusement park music festivals, the ferris wheel is a classic attraction for anyone who wants to enjoy the view of the Olympic Park redesigned for Brazilian gamers. If you really want to enjoy a ride on the ferris wheel, it is recommended to prepare to endure hours in line and, if possible, plan to enjoy the sunset in Rio at the end of the day from up there.

If you want to enjoy the ferris wheel, get ready to face long lines

If you want to enjoy the ferris wheel, get ready to face long lines

Olympic Experience

As it is in Olympic Park, it is clear that Game XP it also has sports activities beyond the online world. At a stand with #SomosTodosBrasil, which was attended by the judoka Rafaela Silva at the Loading Day gives Game XP, sports fans will be able to practice climbing and basketball games.

THE Game XP also has the Soccer Experience, in which players need to show their talents in football by trying to go through more difficult challenges than can be faced before starting a match in FIFA, for example.

Fortnite laser tag

As in Fortnite, a Game XP will put you in a strategic dispute involving firearms. And not just any weapon: they are laser guns, which guarantee all the emotion you feel when you play.

Fans can “fall off the battle bus” in the elevator Fortnite and start the competition within the zone made for the game of laser tag. One of the scenarios of the online game has been recreated so that fans have the experience of actually living a day on the island. And of course: you are free to do the victory dance when you guarantee your victory or that of your team.

Fortnite Island recreated in Game XP

Fortnite Island recreated in Game XP

Game XP Competitions

As in the previous edition, Game XP it has three Olympic arenas where championships and disputes of online games take place. The official schedule can be checked on the Game XP website. There will be competitions Counter Strike and other famous games, with some of the biggest teams in Brazil.

During the event, there will be several famous game tournaments, such as CS: GO

During the event, there will be several famous game tournaments, such as CS: GO (Playback: Game XP)

Show Schedule

Another activity to enjoy in Game XP is the busy schedule of concerts so that music fans do not feel like going to the same place as one of the biggest musical events in the country. Daily, the New Orchestra performs on stage Genesis, which appears with a gigantic structure in the Olympic Park.

On Thursday, it was the turn of the DJ duo Cat Dealers and the duo Ana Vitoria perform at Game XP, while the closing of the 26th was due to the pop diva IZA who took his heavy tram to put the whole convention to roll.

On Saturday, RIVKAH takes the stage at 3:30 pm, but the biggest attraction of the night is the DJ Zeeba, which will play some of his biggest hits like Never Let Me Go and Hear Me Now, his partnership with Alok.

Genesis Stage brings musical attractions to Game XP.

Genesis Stage brings musical attractions to Game XP.

On Sunday, the closing of the Game XP is due to the great Mano Brown, in the presentation of the soul / funk show he does with his Boogie Band.

Samsung at Game XP

And the Samsung, one of the biggest supporters of the gamer world, which has a line of notebooks and high performance gamers monitors, will be present at Game XP with exclusive and special promotions for those who want to embark in the gamer world. During the event, fans will be able to take advantage of discounts through purchases on the Samsung and will have help from promoters at the event to make the purchase.

THE Samsung Odyssey, will be on sale for R $ 3,899 for the version equipped with video card GeForce GTX 1050. Costing R $ 10,999, the Odyssey Z will be another model available during the Game XP with discount.

The available monitors are from the line QLED, offering high brightness and spectacular color fidelity. The models will be sold in a 24 ”, 27” version and, the most powerful announced, a 49 ”curved one.

In addition, the final stages of the tournament will be held on site Odyssey Challenge Online. Divided into three groups, fans of strategy games will have the opportunity to demonstrate their performance in Samsung Odyssey Arena after winning the places in the classification stages, which took place between June 24th and July 13th. Several influencers and professional players like Rascal, Kami and Ryuuka will be on site to take pictures with fans and distribute autographs.

Samsung gamer line promotion during Game XP

Samsung gamer line

Samsung gamer line

Model Notebook Configuration PromotionGame XP
NP800G5M-XT1BR Odyssey Core i5, 8G, 1T, GTX 1050,15.6 ″ FHD, W10 R $ 3,899.00
NP800G5H-XT1BR Odyssey Core i7, 8G, 1T, GTX 1050Ti, 15.6 ″ FHD, W10 R $ 4,599.00
NP800G5H-XT2BR Odyssey Core i7, 8G, 1T + 256SSD, GTX 1050Ti, 15.6 ″ FHD, W10 R $ 5,099.00
NP800G5H-XG4BR Odyssey Core i7, 16G, 1T, GTX 1060,15.6 ″ FHD, W10 R $ 5,799.00
NP850XAC-XT1BR Odyssey Z Core i7, 24G, 512SSD, GTX 1060,15.6 ″ FHD, W10 R $ 10,999.00
LC24FG73F Monitor QLED R $ 1,499.00
LC27FG73F Monitor QLED R $ 1,999.00
LS24D332HSX / ZD Monitor R $ 599.00
Monitor LC49HG90DMLXZD QLED R $ 5,999.00

*The reporter traveled to Game XP at the invitation of Nescau