10 Selfie Sticks for GoPro Worth Buying

10 Selfie Sticks for GoPro Worth Buying

GoPro cameras – action cameras with mountable design and impressive recording and related features – have changed the way people keep their ‘adventurous’ memories; let it be trekking, mountaineering, skydiving or some other extreme sports out there. Well, having said that, some people were smart enough to use GoPro cameras to take selfie pictures – and that’s how GoPro selfie came into existence.

So, if you are ready to take a selfie using a GoPro, there is a prerequisite that you must meet and that is a selfie stick. Since the GoPro camera has relatively wider viewing angles, you can’t just hold on to your GoPro for the perfect selfie. On the other hand, an extension arm would be quite useful in many scenarios. These extension arms are better known as GoPro selfie sticks. In this post, however, we present a list of the top ten selfie sticks for your GoPro. Happy Selfie shots, guys.

Best Selfie Sticks for GoPro

1. GoPole Evo Floating Extension Pole

This GoPro extension pole comes with a 2-stage floating body with telescoping capability. So, you have an option to extend the pole length from 14 inches to 24 inches. Depending on your selfie, you can resize the stick, and the tight design would help with water damage. There is no need for adapters when you want to connect your GoPro to the selfie stick and there is also a 1/4 inch thread insert for attaching attachments. It comes with a clip, to which you can connect a Wi-Fi Smart Remote. This remote is good when you want to remote control the GoPro camera. And the best part is that the GoPole Evo Floating Extension Pole works with all GoPro cameras. For added security, you can even use a bracelet accessory.

  • Price : $ 44.98
  • Where to buy : Amazon

2. Sandmarc Pole Metal Edition Extension Pole

The Sandmark Pole Metal Edition Extension Pole is an extension pole made of aluminum with an adjustable length from 17 to 40 inches. Despite the construction using waterproof CNC aluminum, the extension pole weighs very low, and its telescopic capacity is very impressive. The company and customers say this extension pole is useful in a variety of situations, such as surfing, diving, skiing, snowboarding and other adventurous things out there, and up to 40 inches promise better results. The Sandmarc Pole Metal Edition extension pole is compatible with all GoPro cameras in the line, including GoPro Hero 4, 3+, 3, 2 etc. In addition to Sandmarc’s lifetime warranty, there are some additional safety measures such as rubber grip, adjustable strap and aluminum tripod mount. You can also connect a remote WIFI.

  • Price : $ 49.99
  • Where to buy : Amazon

3. GoPole Reach Extension Pole for GoPro

Yet another GoPole product, this extension pole is in the ‘Reach’ series. This series offers additional length when it comes to pole extension. You can choose a length between 14 inches to 40 inches, as your need needs you. The GoPole Reach Extension Post for GoPro has a four stage telescopic process, giving you enhanced control and the 14 inch size is very compact when retracted. Despite its high-quality construction, the weight has been reduced to 8 ounces, making handling easier. Other features include support for smart remote clip, thumbscrew for ultra-secure connection. And most of all, the GoPole Reach Extension Pole for GoPro will look great with any GoPro HERO camera you have.

  • Price : $ 46.50
  • Where to buy : Amazon

4. Quik Pod SPORT GoPro Selfie Stick

Made for nice selfie photos during adventurous tasks like hiking, mountaineering and surfing, Quik Pod SPORT GoPro Selfie Stick is a really good selfie stick you can buy. With the lightweight construction, you can hold the stick extremely securely. Speaking of length, it can be extended up to 39 inches and the weight is still limited to 7.3 oz. It is necessary to note that the GoPro cable is completely resistant to water / salt water and you can use it with confidence when you are surfing or swimming. Quik Pod SPORT The GoPro Selfie Stick from GoPro is compatible with all versions of GoPro, including GoPro Session and Hero 4. Other features include the quick release adapter, built-in selfie mirror, stainless steel screws and rubberized handle for extra protection.

  • Price : $ 59.95
  • Where to buy : Amazon

5. GoPro 3-Way Grip, arm and tripod

This is an official accessory from GoPro, designed to help those who need three different resources in a business. You will be able to use this accessory as a grip, extension arm and a tripod, according to your needs. And from the point of view of the extension arm, the GoPro 3-Way Grip, Arm & Tripod becomes a satisfying selfie stick too. It comes with a waterproof design and you can be quite confident to use the device when swimming or snowboarding. In addition, its built-in tripod would be useful in a wide variety of instances. All things considered, this adjustable accessory is a must for the GoPro enthusiast!

  • Price : $ 66.49
  • Where to buy : Amazon

6. SHINEDA GoPro Handheld Pole

This SHINEDA extension monopod pole is made of anodized aluminum alloy and you can extend the arm up to 36 inches maximum, although it has a convenient length of 11 inches when retracted. It comes with four different sections and an option for section locking as well. In addition, there is a twist lock for extra protection when you want it. Thanks to its integrated connection adapter, just bring your GoPro and connect it to the SHINEDA GoPro Hand Pole. In addition, it offers a bracelet for easy handling and a screw hole at the bottom, if you want to connect a tripod or something. The SHINEDA GoPro Handheld Pole offers compatibility with a variety of devices such as GoPro Hero, Hero 2, Hero 3, Hero 4 and Hero 4 Session. Surprisingly, this selfie stick comes at a very low price.

  • Price : $ 9.99
  • Where to buy : Amazon

7. GoPro Black Edition Extension Pole Sandmarc Pole

This is also an extension pole made of aluminum for your GoPro cameras, but the price is less than the Metal edition, which we mentioned earlier. When it comes to the construction case, its features include the use of high quality material, rubberized handle for easy handling, adjustable strap and the ability to withstand extreme circumstances. It comes with universal GoPro compatibility, including those for Hero 4 Session, Hero 4, 3+ and 3. Its telescopic length has not changed, but is 17 inches to 40 inches at most. Given the 9 ounce weight, you can be very good when diving, snowboarding, skating or taking casual selfie photos while traveling. In addition, it has an assembly to connect accessories, but can be disassembled when not needed. In addition, the SandPro Pole GoPro Black Edition Extension Pole has a lifetime warranty.

  • Price : $ 39.99
  • Where to buy : Amazon

8. Smatree Y1 Telescopic Pole for GoPro

The GoPro Smatree Y1 Telescopic Pole is an extension arm and selfie stick for all ages that you can use with your GoPro camera, compact digital cameras or your Smartphones. It comes with a dedicated space to store the Wi-Fi remote. Stick length adjustment ranges from 17.5 inches to 48.5 inches, giving you the best shooting and handling environment. Other features of the Smatree Y1 Telescopic Pole for GoPro are its multiple angle shooting capabilities using the spherical head spiral lock, selfie mirror to know what is being used. Works well with GoPro Hero 4, Hero 3+, 3, 2 and Hero 1 with digital cameras and cell phones, as we mentioned. If we want to consider all of this, it is a good deal.

  • Price : $ 15.99
  • Where to buy : Amazon

9. PolarPro PowerPole GoPro extension

Despite having a convenient length of 17 inches when retracted, the PolarPro PowerPole GoPro Extension allows you to have a maximum length of 30 inches for GoPro-based capture. This accessory has many reasons why it is one of the best companions for your GoPro. For example, it comes with a built-in 5200 mAh battery that is on the handle. You can connect the power adapter or the USB cable to the charging port. If you are going to take continuous photos or movies from GoPro, this additional power would be very useful, we bet. These doors are protected with a splash-proof cover and you can use PolarPro PowerPole GoPro Extension even during rain or snow. Overall, it is a good accessory that you must purchase for your GoPro and is compatible with all GoPro cameras.

  • Price : $ 57.92
  • Where to buy : Amazon

10. The GoPro Selfie Stick for Alaska Life

The Alaska Life GoPro Selfie Stick is not limited to GoPro, but you can use it on a variety of devices like Smartphone, digital camera etc. It is actually a robust and versatile monopod, which offers a maximum level of extension of 36 inches. You can even connect it to tripods using the attached thread to obtain a product-independent monopod. It has no batteries, Bluetooth shutter or any other electronic hardware involved, but you should choose the GoPro Life Selfie Stick from Alaska when you need quality and usability in harsh conditions. Of course, the ability to connect different devices is a good option, we bet.

  • Price : $ 35.88
  • Where to buy : Amazon

Have you ever used any of these extension arms or selfie sticks for your GoPro? Well, let us know your comments on those below.