10 retro games to play in the browser

10 games retrô para jogar no navegador

There is no graphic that can beat a retro game, they are pure nostalgia and remind us of our childhood, so we brought 7 retro games to play in the browser, see.


If there’s something that current games, with their lush and feature-rich graphics, don’t have, it’s the fascination that retro games cause people.

Whoever had, or ever played in a Super Nintendo or Sega Mega Drive, you know that there is something magical about those 16-bit games, which even though they look simple, are unforgettable.

The challenge present in these games makes us make really thoughtful decisions and use our skills to pass the level, since there are no unlimited lives, in-game purchases, DLCs or any help or tutorial to facilitate the game.

If you want to remember your childhood and play some of the best games of the 16-bit generation, check out this list of 10 retro games, which you can play in the browser.

Just access, play and have fun.

1 – Mega Man X


It was the second game franchise in the series Mega Man, and is considered one of the best games of the little blue robot. The game was released in 1993, but its difficulty in some sections leaves many current games in the slipper.

2 – Super Bomberman


One of my favorite games, Super Bomberman, is a classic, where the goal is to blow up your opponents or friends, in a versus match. Here the fun is guaranteed.

3 – Donkey Kong Country

33505-Donkey_Kong_Country_ (USA) -14

Having one of the best graphics among 16-bit games and charismatic characters, this game is one of Nintendo’s most loved and loved ones. And make no mistake, although it is cute, the game is anything but simple. It is worth remembering or knowing Donkey Kong Country.

4 – Mortal Kombat II

2491924-mortal + kombat + 2 + game + play

The second game in the bloody fighting franchise and fatalities that let anyone with their hair standing on end, is one of the best, along with MK 3, and could not be left out of that list.

5 – International Superstar Soccer


This is one of the best football games ever created. Who doesn’t remember the narrator with his characteristic phrases, the player Allejo, the myth, the modified versions here in Brazil, such as “Campeonato Brasileiro 98” and the dog judge? Now remember this classic!

6 – Sonic and Knuckles & Sonic 3


This is one of the best blue hedgehog games from SEGA, and can be considered the first DLC in the world, as this game results from the union between the game cartridges: “Sonic 3” and “Sonic & Knuckles”, which unlocked the character within the game, where some levels can only be accessed by he. It is worth checking.

7 – Super Mario Kart


This is the first game in Nintendo’s most popular racing game franchise, developed in 1992, and brings with it the same fun and competitive spirit as other games. It is very fast and easy to play, so get your kart and get on the track.

34385-Legend_of_Zelda, _The _-_ A_Link_to_the_Past_ (USA) -10

If you like action and adventure, you need to play The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. This game is a SNES classic where you have to put your head to work to solve puzzles, explore dungeons, face bosses and break pots!

9 – Sonic the Hedgehog


Born to compete with Nintendo’s mustachioed plumber, Sonic, he is the fastest and most likable hedgehog in video games. Embark on your first adventure against the villain Dr. Eggman and save all the animals in the forest.

10 – Super Mario World


Super Mario World, or simply “Mario do Yoshi” is one of the best games from the Nintendo protagonist. Travel through several worlds, enter castles, caves and face all kinds of danger in this game, which is a mixture of nostalgia and unusual challenge.

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