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10 reasons to learn programming

Surely you must have heard that I program the new English. And surely. When talking about digital transformation, I need to keep in mind that there is a new culture in formation and it brings with it a new language than digital. Even if you don't want to be a programmer, knowing the basics will help you navigate this changing society better.

Recently in WebSummitMmantsetsa Marope, director of the UNESCO International Bureau of Education, insisted that coding needs to be included in the school curriculum early on. It has to do as we do with reading and writing. Because, learn to program how to speak another language, in this case the digital. Without digital literature, without programming, we will not prepare children and young people for a new world, he said.

But if the director was talking about preparing children and young people for a future to come and still non-existent professions, we have millions of adults and I include myself in some way who need to better navigate this digital literature, at least a little beyond reading and reading. accessing part of the tooling to really feel the transformative power of technology.

Thinking about everything that is happening and the growing volume of programming courses that emerge from IT Trends, we have prepared a free ebook with 10 reasons for you to learn how to program. And if you think they are just related to employability, make a mistake. Improving logical thinking, enhancing creativity, and developing the ability to solve complex problems are among the reasons why you should consider at least one basic online coding course.

Obviously, career plan B and increased employability potential are there, after all, only in Brazil are more than 300 thousand job openings in technology not met and much of it due to lack of deep programming knowledge. In the United States, just for the sake of comparison, according to the founder of Holberton school, Sylvain Kalache, 1 million programmers are currently missing.

Want to know the 10 reasons? Click here and download our free ebook.