10 reasons to buy a Chromecast in 2019

Chromecast is the Google device that allows you to cast content from your smartphone or PC to your TV. This is a great help for those who do not have a smart TV, but still want to enjoy the facilities they offer. Of course buying Chromecast turns out to be much more affordable and it can still be used on televisions that have smart features. This can even increase the number of functions and actions your TV has to offer. Not to mention the hundreds of compatible app options. If you are in doubt as to whether Chromecast is still worth buying in 2019, just check out our list of advantages below.

1. Ease of use

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The first advantage of Chromecast is something you realize once you put it on TV for the first time: its ease of use. Just plug it into the TV's HDMI input, connect to Wi-Fi via your smartphone and it is ready for use.

This means that you can stream content immediately. Whether it's from any app or something saved on your phone. This is great for those who don't want to deal with unnecessary menus or options.

2. Can be controlled on smartphone

Since we mentioned its ease of use, it is worth mentioning that it can only be controlled by your smartphone. Just have the Google Home app to make the connection and any video app or website already has the streaming option.

Volume, play, pause and other options of this type are also right on the phone. Which makes your Chromecast activities even faster.

3. Does not discontinue use of mobile

Another important thing to mention is that while all control of Chromecast happens on the smartphone, this does not limit your use of it. You can continue to use your mobile phone at will and any other app while the transmission is performed.

You can even leave the broadcast app in the background if you prefer. This gives the user much more freedom, which does not need to be stuck in only one application at a time.

4. Turn normal TV into Smart

One of the great reasons to buy a Chromecast is to turn your regular TV into something like a smart TV. This type of TV comes with internet access and some installed apps including Netflix, YouTube and Amazon Prime Video.

With Chromecast in hands, you can leave any regular TV with these apps. This is a great option for those who already have a television and don't want to spend a lot of money buying a smart one.

5. Add more content on Smart TV

In addition to just turning your TV into a Smart TV, Chromecast can give you even more options even on Smart TV. Let's say your TV comes with a web browser, Netlfix and YouTube, but you want to see something from Crunchyroll or Twitch.

These apps may not be available for installation on your TV, but may be streamed through Chromecast. Definitely a good reason to buy Chromecast.

6. Several compatible apps

Speaking of apps, there are hundreds of apps that are fully compatible with Chromecast. In addition to the ones we mentioned earlier, it's worth talking about apps with Spotify, Crackle, Google Play Movies, YouTube Music, Facebook and more.

Even websites that have a video player may be compatible. In general, almost everyone has the casting option that appears as soon as a Smart TV or Chromecast is detected on the Wi-Fi network.

7. Stream photos and videos

Of course, Chromecast is not just for casting content from external apps. You can also take advantage of the device to stream the photos and videos that are saved on your smartphone.

This makes life easier for those who want to show their holiday images to family and friends, for example. Another good use for watching a movie or series episode stored on your phone.

By the way, there is one more type of additional content that is great to have on both normal TV and Smart TV. With this, buying Chromecast is a great way to avoid having to pass that content to a Pen Drive.

8. Several models

chromecast models

Something interesting you need to know before buying Chromecast is that it already has a few different models. There are four versions released: the original, Chromecast 2, Chromecast 3, and Chromecast Ultra.

The difference from Chromecast 3 to the first two is that it is faster, has a different design and can transmit at higher resolution and with more frames. It is best suited for most users who want fast and full HD transmission at 60 frames per second.

Already Chromecast Ultra for those who want 4K broadcasts. As it is more expensive and kinda you need a faster internet to be efficient. Even so, it is not as popular as the other models.

9. Laptop

One of the best things about a Chromecast device is that it's very small and portable. It's pretty easy to take it anywhere, whether it's in your purse, backpack or even your original box.

He just needs an outlet for his power supply to the TV with HDMI input to work. This is great for when you travel or spend the day at someone else's house and want to have access to the content you want to convey.

Since you do not need to sign up or sign up, you only need to connect Chromecast to your local Wi-Fi network. A simple way to increase the amount of content you can watch.

10. Price

Lastly, it is worth mentioning the price if you are in doubt about buying Chromecast. It is one of the cheapest options compared to other broadcast devices such as Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Currently, you can buy Chromecast 3 (the most current) for about 200 reais. J the original model and its successor can be found in the range between 100 and 150 reais in some stores.

Definitely cheaper than buying a smart TV or subscribing to cable, for example. Of course anyone who wants the Chromecast Ultra has to shell out a lot more. After all, it costs about 450 reais and is not so easy to find.

Decided if Chromecast is worth buying?

Could you take a look at our list to see if it's worth buying a Chromecast in 2019? Be sure to leave your comment telling us what you think about the advantages of the Google device.