10 practical tips for Apple TV users

10 practical tips for Apple TV users

In 2015 Apple TV underwent a makeover, becoming a device that offers a range of possibilities, thanks to the fact that you can install apps from the App Store that greatly expand its functionality.

But there are some tips that, although we cannot say that they are “hidden”, are also not obvious to everyone. Therefore, today we highlight 10 of them that will improve your experience with the new Apple TVs.

Remote Control

First of all, it is important that you know the nomenclature of the buttons on your control. Apple TV 4K and Apple TV (4th generation) come with the same remote control worldwide. In countries and regions compatible with Siri, it is called Siri Remote. In the other regions, it is called Apple TV Remote.

The most important thing is that you understand that the Home button is the one with the TV design. He will be very useful to us throughout these tips.

1. Quickly go to rest

After you’ve watched your movie or series on Apple TV, you can quickly put it to sleep by pressing the button for 1 second Start control.

2. Trigger multitasking

Like the iPhone and iPad, you can see which applications are open (or at rest) in the background. To do this, just press the Home button on the control twice quickly for the windows of the apps to appear.

And how to close them? As simple as on the iPhone. Using the touch surface of the control, drag the window upwards until it disappears.

3. Move application icons

If after installing several apps you want to organize them better so that the ones you use most are at the top of the screen, you can.

Select the icon of the application you want to move and press the touch surface of the controller for 1 second. The app will start to shake, indicating that it can now be moved. Just drag it wherever you want.

4. Erase applications

Select the icon of the application you want to delete and press the touch surface of the controller for 1 second. When it starts to shake, squeeze the Play / Pause button control to open the option of Delete. You will see that you can also play the application within a folder.

There is another, more practical way if you want to delete multiple applications in a row. Go in Settings> General> Manage Storage, and you’ll see the list of installed apps. Click on the trash can symbol and quickly delete all you want.

5. Force Apple TV to restart

If an application crashes and you are no longer able to exit any screen, you can easily force the device to restart. To do this, simply press the Home button it’s the Menu button (both at the same time) and release them. This will restart Apple TV.

6. Use your iPhone or iPad to type

You may not know it, but you can use your iPhone or iPad when you need to type something on Apple TV. Just select a text field on the TV and a notification will appear immediately on your iPhone and iPad. By touching it, it allows what you type to appear on Apple TV. This is very practical for passwords and logins.

It is important to emphasize that, for magic happens, the iPhone / iPad must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the Apple TV.

7. Activating the screen saver

If you are no longer using Apple TV and want to activate the screen saver, this can be done by pressing the button for 1 second Menu on the remote control.

8. Fast forward or rewind the video in 10 seconds

When you are watching a video, just tap and press on the side of the touch surface to advance or rewind 10 seconds.

9. View video settings

When watching a video, drag your finger from top to bottom on the touch surface to drop a curtain with various information from the video.

10. iPhone / iPad AirPlay without Wi-Fi

If you usually take Apple TV on trips or for presentations where you don’t have access to a Wi-Fi network, you can still connect your iPhone or iPad via AirPlay, so that the image appears on the television screen. All of this using the direct connection between devices via Bluetooth + WiFi.

For this to happen, neither your Apple TV, nor your iPhone / iPad (or Mac) can be connected to any existing Wi-Fi network. You will need to keep your device’s Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections active, without being connected to anything. If there is a Wi-Fi connection on either device, AirPlay between them will not work.

If necessary, touch the “Forget This Network“.

With that, you should be able to view Apple TV on AirPlay on your iPhone or iPad. If not, restart both devices and make sure that neither device is connected to any Wi-Fi network.

Recalling that this direct connection (without internet network) only works from Apple TV of 3rd generation (Rev. A), with iPhones and iPads with iOS 8 or later.

These were some tips for you to enjoy your Apple TV better. If you know any more, share with us here in the comments.

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