10 Halloween Costumes To Wear In The Last Minute Office

Although it is not a date related to Brazilians, the truth is that many people have already joined Halloween as an official party here. It is common to see a number of theme parties and even the famous Halloween in the firm. But the question comes: which costume to wear?

If we stop to think, how many days of the year are you encouraged to dress up and play at work? Probably just on Halloween and Carnival. But knowing what is appropriate (and easy) to use in the office in these situations can be a bit tricky.

To give you a hand in this quest, we've put together some ideas of easy-to-assemble, inexpensive, and great Halloween costumes for techies or the general firm.

1. Error 404

Many sites are betting on funny 404 Error pages, so why not take the idea and make your own fantasy? And the thing is very simple: take a piece of paper, write "Error 404: fantasy not found" and stick it on your shirt.

2. Phishing

Phishing attacks are not a joke, as they can threaten the security of your data. But on Halloween, you can take the idea to make your own costume. All you need is a piece of wood or a fishing rod (if you already have one), string, and a paper written "passwords." If you have a hat and a vest to complete the fishing set, it's a bonus.

3. Blue Screen of Death

If you have never come across the blue screen of Windows death, a lucky person. The error screen with morbid nickname scary enough to match October 31st. And it is so true that there are already official blue screen t-shirts to sell on the internet. But if you want to make your own version, let's leave the official sentence here.

4. Low battery and weak Wi-Fi

Nothing more terrifying in the connected world than a dead battery or no Wi-Fi around. Making any of these costumes very easy: cut out the images on cardboard (or other paper) and stick them on a black t-shirt. To emphasize low connectivity fears, use zombie or skeleton makeup.

5. Emoji

Emojis are always a fun outlet for fantasies. Masks are very easy to find in many stores, but there is always the option of printing your own emoji and matching it with a neutral black outfit.

6. 50 shades of gray

Want to do something bolder but still environmentally friendly? Enjoy this idea and play a pun on the famous movie 50 shades of gray. If you don't have a color printer, you also have the option of going to a paint or building supply store and getting 50 samples of gray ink.

7. Social Networks

Here just choose a social network and then wear non-print t-shirts that match the main color of the platform. Then just draw or paste the logos on the shirt. A tutu of the same color may also look good to complement the costume.

8. Instagram Filters

For this costume, you will need white t-shirts and fabric markers. Draw an Instagram frame on the front of your shirts, and each team member can write the name of a different Instagram filter inside the frame. Another option is to create frame-shaped props with different filters using card stock or another sturdier type of paper.

9. The Big Bang Theory

Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler are easy fantasy options, as they only have to use their wardrobe to find the pieces that match those worn by the characters. Also, isn't it too hard to find a Flash t-shirt out there anyway?

10. Toy Story 4 Forky

Toy Story 4's character can be easily depicted with a white outfit, a red shoulder-length fabric, and a cut-out, hand-drawn mask.