10 Google Pixel and Pixel XL accessories you should buy

10 Google Pixel and Pixel XL accessories you should buy

Now that Google has announced phones that are «Made By Google», the Android ecosystem may finally have a real iPhone killer. The phones feature top-of-the-line specifications, AMOLED displays and a camera that was rated by DxOMark as the best smartphone camera. So if you plan to buy Pixel phones from Google or Pixel XL, check out these smartphone accessories.

1. Magnetic support for WizGear car

The WizGear Car Mount is a reinforced magnetic support that produces a strong attraction force. This ensures that the phone remains securely connected to the holder. The assembly will allow you to freely rotate the orientation of your Pixel or Pixel XL. The support base is attached to the car openings and holds the assembly in place. Unlike most other supports that attach to the windshield or instrument panel, the WizGear support is installed on the breather and does not cause obstructions while driving.

Buy on Amazon.com ($ 6.99)

If you prefer the docks that connect to the dashboard or windshield, you can check the dock by Encased . It is available at Amazon.com for $ 18, 08

2. iBenzer water resistant clamp

This armband has been designed to hold any phone, up to 5, 5 ″, which means it’s perfect for Pixel XL and Google Pixel phones. He has a integrated key holder, which can be used to store keys during execution. The armband has another pocket on the back, which can easily hold your ID, cards and some money. The plastic cover on the front allows you to easily access the touchscreen, so you can easily answer calls on the go.

Buy on Amazon.com ($ 4.99)

3. Google Pixel and Pixel XL Case

Pixel Case Google Pixel

The DGx Google Pixel case is made of flexible TPU material. The cover fits directly into the Google Pixel and, with its precise cutouts, ensures that you have access to all ports on your device. The case provides shock absorption, to make sure your phone is protected from impact, even if you release it.

The case is available in a variety of colors, and you can easily choose what you like best. You can also check out our post in the best Google Pixel cases, if you want to check out more options.

Buy on Amazon.com ($ 7.99)

Tauri Google Pixel XL Case

This Google Pixel XL case from Tauri is a sturdy case The scratchs . The case has a dotted texture on the inside, which prevents air bubbles from forming inside the cover. The case is also shock resistant and uses a scratch resistant gel, thus protecting the phone from debris and bumps. He has one thin profile and adds minimal volume to the phone, while offering excellent protection.

Buy on Amazon.com ($ 7.99)

We have a dedicated article on the best cases of Google Pixel XL, be sure to check it out too.

4. OMOTON Screen Protector

The OMOTON Screen Protector for Google Pixel is a screen protector for laser cut . The screen saver has a rating of 9H hardness and will protect your phone from scratches and scrapes, even from knives and keys. The protector comes with bubble-free adhesive, so the installation does not leave any bubbles on the screen. It also comes with hydrophobic and oleophobic coating for protect your phone from sweat and oil residues fingerprints. Along with that, the screen protector comes with a lifetime warranty.

OMOTON also makes a screen protector for the Google Pixel XL, which has the same features.

Buy by Pixel at Amazon.com ($ 7.99)

Buy for Pixel XL on Amazon.com ($ 7, 99)

5. Docked the Google Pixel Dock

This Encased dock has an elegant design and is therefore the perfect dock to be used as a night stand or table dock. It comes with a USB Type-C port to charge your Pixel or Pixel XL while it is docked. The dock also has a design that makes it compatible with most cases, making it easy to use if you use a case. Encased offers a lifetime warranty on the dock, too.

Buy on Amazon.com ($ 23, 30)

6. Bose Bluetooth speaker

This Bose speaker uses Bluetooth to connect to your phone. Uses a rechargeable Li-ion battery and provides 8 hours of playback on a single charge. The speaker provides a complete audio track and supports voice prompts, thus facilitating the pairing of the phone with it. It can also connect to two devices at once, making it easy to switch between devices.

Buy on Amazon.com ($ 116.00)

7. SanDisk 32 GB Flash Drive

If you like watching movies on your smartphone, an OTG-enabled flash drive is never wrong. The 32 GB SanDisk flash drive comes with the standard USB connector, as well as a Type-C connector, which can be connected to your Pixel or Pixel XL. The flash drive is immediately detected by phones that support USB OTG and allows you to enjoy your favorite movies on the AMOLED display of Pixel and Pixel XL phones.

Buy on Amazon.com ($ 27.50)

8. Anker PowerCore + 20100

Anker PowerCore + 20100 is an aluminum coated animal that stores 20100 mAh of juice for your devices. The power bank has a total of three doors, two of which are standard USB Type A output ports, to charge all of your USB Type C devices. The third is a USB Type C port that is capable of charging USB Type C compatible devices, as well as the power bank itself .

Buy on Amazon.com ($ 59.99)

9. EasyULT USB-C adapter

Another excellent accessory for your Google Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones, the EasyULT adapter will allow you to use any microUSB cable to charge your smartphones Google Pixel or Pixel XL. The adapter comes in a pack of three. This can be useful when you forget to charge your USB Type-C cable and need to charge your Pixel smartphone.

Buy on Amazon.com ($ 6.99)

10. USB Type C Car Charger

Car chargers can be extremely useful and can allow you to charge your phone while driving. The Meagoes USB Type C car charger allows you to charge your phone using the USB Type-C to Type-C cable, or a standard USB to USB type C cable that you may have. It also has a LED ring blue, so you can easily locate it when driving at night. The ports are rated for 2.4Atherefore, they will load quickly.

Buy on Amazon.com ($ 11.99)

Use these accessories to improve your experience with Google Pixel and Pixel XL

If you are buying the Google Pixel or Pixel XL smartphones, these are the accessories you must purchase for them. They will not only protect your smartphone, but will also increase its capabilities. Accessories like power banks are especially useful, because smartphone batteries barely last a day, and you should have some extra juice on hand, just in case.

So, what accessories do you think you will buy for your Google Pixel or Pixel XL? Do you know of any other great accessories that you think should have a place on that list? Let us know in the comments section below.