10 epic quotes from Mark Shuttleworth, Ubuntu creator


A new chapter of our series of epic phrases of technology personalities just arrived! This time we will see some inspiring phrases from the creator of Ubuntu and Canonical, Mark Shuttleworth.

Mark Shuttleworth is an interesting figure in the world of technology, he founded the company that created the most user-friendly Linux distribution for home users until recently, after Ubuntu, several others came up with the same proposal, often even surpassing the “ease” of Ubuntu and a hundred projects were born and grew, based on it, certainly it is one of those responsible for the diffusion of Linux in the world.

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Mark Shutteworth has been the subject of another blog post here, so I recommend you read this article first:

– Mark Shuttleworth, the man behind Ubuntu

So, some of the phrases will make more sense! ?

1 – A large part of willpower is having something to aspire to, some reason to live.

2 – The computer is no longer just a device, it is an extension of your mind and a door from another to the minds of others.

3 – Upon returning from the space station, I do not expect to create a generation of astronauts, but I do hope to influence people in a way that they believe it is worth pursuing their dreams.

4 – People who try to impose digital rules similar to those they follow are on the wrong side of the wave.

5 – There are many examples of companies and countries that have improved their competitiveness and efficiency through the adoption of open source strategies. The creation of competences at all levels is of fundamental importance for both companies and countries.

6 – “It is an experience that changes your perspective on life and the world”, about seeing the planet Earth from space.

7 – Free software is part of a broader phenomenon, which is a shift towards recognizing the value of shared work. Historically, the shared material had a very bad name. The reputation has been that people have always abused shared things and in the physical world, something that is shared and abused becomes useless. In the digital world, I think we have the opposite effect, where something that is shared can become more valuable than something that is privately held, as long as it is shared and contributes to everyone who is sharing in it.

8 – I had to learn Russian, a beautiful and extraordinary language. A mixture of testosterone and ballet.

9 – Many people ask me if I felt like a God in space. And the truth is, no. The space is silent, dark, sterile, dead. Instead, when you look at the Earth, you see the complexity of life. If God exists, it is clear that it is on Earth, not in space.

10 – “I have the time, money and experience to go ahead with this project. There are few people who meet these three requirements, it is impossible to go to an investor committee and sell this idea, because the gains and prospects are distant, if they really exist. I am young, naive and aligned, so I feel obligated to fulfill this mission. ” About the start of the Ubuntu project.

So, which quote did you like the most? Also leave your suggestion for the next chapter of the series, who do you think should be the next personality to have phrases compiled here?

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