10 different devices where Ubuntu runs


To celebrate the recent anniversary of Linux, the Kernel celebrated its 25th anniversary, Canonical drew up a list of 25 different places where Ubuntu, and consequently Linux, is used, and look, some are quite curious. We separated for you the 10 most interesting in our opinion, check it out:

Canonical’s product markting manager, Amrisha Prashar, published on Ubuntu Insights an article showing 25 different devices where Ubuntu is running. My list with 10 of the most curious and interesting in my opinion.

1 – Robotics OP2

Robotics OP2

He was an extreme success at MWC 2016, running Ubuntu Snappy, this little robot gave a show at the event.

2 – Meizu PRO 5

Meizu PRO 5

This is the most powerful Smartphone available with Ubuntu to date, it was released earlier this year, it is a 1.8 Ghz Octa-Core, 32 GB of storage and 3 GB of RAM, it is really a big smartphone.

3 – Samsung Arktik

Samsung Arktik

Samsung’s bet to enter the IoT (Internet of Things) market, the Artik board, also runs Ubuntu Snappy.

4 – MyCroft


MyCroft is a hardware designed to be the controller of your home, integrating with several different functionalities, doors, curtains, electronics and more.

5 – Intel Joule Board

Intel Joule Board

Ubuntu is directly connected to the internet of things and this Intel board is one of the options that developers have to create smart robots for our homes.

6 – Intel NUC

Intel NUC

Another representative of Intel are NUCs, compact and powerful computers that can be used in different ways like any other computer.

7 – Erle Spider

Erle Spider

It’s a robot spider! That alone draws attention, but the Erle Spider is a “land-based drone”, which thanks to Ubuntu can do several different activities and be programmed by the developers to do whatever their creativity allows.

8 – Intel Compute Stick

Intel Compute Stick

Look at Intel here again! Another portable computing option on the part of Intel, this equipment that looks more like a pen drive, a little bigger than the conventional one, is actually a complete computer that you can connect to a TV and run Ubuntu on it.

9 – Turtblebot 2

Turtblebot 2

This is another project aimed at the internet of things that loads Ubuntu, it can be used for various activities, such as cleaning your house or bringing your sandwich, see more on the website.

10 – BQ Aquaris M10

BQ Aquaris M10

This Tablet also caught the world’s attention at MWC 2016, the proposal for a completely convergent system that turns a simple Tablet into a complete computer by connecting a mouse and keyboard, really draws attention.

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See, Linux goes much further than servers and desktops! To the next!