10 billion downloads on iTunes

10 billion downloads on iTunes

The Apple music store reached ten billion downloaded themes yesterday. The identity of the person responsible for download of theme number 10 000 000 000 has already been revealed. Louie Sulcer of Woodstock, Georgia, has $ 10,000 (the equivalent of 7,400 euros) waiting, thanks to the download of Johnny Cash’s Guess Things Happen That Way.

The award follows a competition launched by the company in the middle of the month, when it announced that the iTunes Store was approaching the «historic brand». At the time the company put an accountant online and promised a gift check to spend on iTunes to the user able to add the 11th «house» to the bookmark.

The prize will have served as an incentive, and the challenge, worldwide, only needed about two weeks to be satisfied, but the interest in the service is nothing new.

Launched in 2003, Apple’s online music store – like its application counterpart – has seen rapid growth. The number of songs downloaded has doubled from five billion to ten thousand in the past 18 months. With regard to the AppStore, the latest count, dated September 2009, points to more than 2 billion applications downloaded.

Editorial note: News updated with the name of the winner of the Apple challenge, meanwhile revealed.