10 best USB hubs

10 melhores hubs USB

We need USB ports for a variety of needs – connecting additional devices to your computer, such as flash drives, an external keyboard, mouse or anything else, such as a USB powered cooler for your laptop! And with the growth of Smartphones, we have a responsibility to dock and charge these devices as well.

Unfortunately, desktop computers still come with six or eight USB ports, arranged on the front and rear sides of the cabin; on the laptop, the case is worse, because the maximum number you can expect is three or four.

Even if there are three or four ports, there will be only one or two USB 3.0 ports, which is a bottleneck when you need speed.

In case, if you are looking for a solution – it is USB Hubs.

As you know, a USB Hub is a device that divides USB connectivity from one USB port into several ports.

By connecting a USB hub, you can connect a large number of USB devices simultaneously.

Having the same principle as an extremely common energy range, it is quite useful.

However, you cannot just go and get an unnamed USB hub if you are concerned about the security and usefulness of your computer.

Here, we’ve created a list of the top ten USB hubs you’d get.

We take into account several factors – such as what customers say about the product, the standard of connectivity, portability, etc.

When you choose one from the list, you need to be clear about your need, how to choose between more doors and more features.

Well, these are the best markets for you.


Anker USB 3.0 7-port hub

We have the first USB hub from Anker, at an affordable price.

As the name says, there are seven USB ports on this hub and it needs external DC power to provide the best performance.

This way, you get a USB connector and a DC power adapter when you buy the hub.

Of the seven ports, the seventh has been optimized to charge your devices, such as Smartphones.

This single port can supply BC 1.2 charging power up to 1.2 Amps.

This is a very useful feature in the current scenario.

The Anker USB 3.0 7-port Hub is powered by the plug-and-play concept and there is no need for driver installations.

It is a USB 3.0 USB hub and you can get a maximum transfer rate of 5Gbps.

The design of the hub is compact and convenient for the home user – a power connection must be noted.

  • Price : $ 30.49
  • Where to buy : Amazon


ZeroLemon 10 Port USB 3.0 Hub

This USB hub is for those who have many devices connected to their PCs! There are 10 USB ports for data transfer, while the eleventh port can be used exclusively for billing purposes.

This is because the charging port has a 2.1A output, which is good enough for fast charging your smartphones and such devices.

The notable aspect about this hub is that you have 10 ports remaining, even when you are carrying a device.

Another highlight of the ZeroLemon 10 Port USB 3.0 Hub is the switches you would find at the top.

A switch serves to control three ports and there is an LED indicator for each USB port.

Nine ports are at the top and the other two are on the sides of the devices.

The package comes with a DC power adapter.

We bet, it is great for home use, not only because of its compactness, but also because of the productive resources.

  • Price : $ 49.99
  • Where to buy : Amazon


Sabrent 4-Port USB 3.0 USB Hub

The USB 3.0 4-Port USB Hub from Sabrent has a different design when compared to the USB hubs mentioned above, but it can be convenient for some users.

It has a rectangular shape, on two sides of which the USB ports are conveniently arranged.

Thanks to the fully compatible hardware used, you can enjoy transfer speeds of up to 5 Gbps when connecting USB 3.0 devices to the hub.

If you need good performance, you need to connect the 4-port Sabrent USB 3.0 USB hub to an external power source, using the 4 A DC power adapter that came with the package.

If you don’t, the USB hub may work, but system resources will be consumed.

There aren’t many features you will have, but you can choose the 4-port Sabrent USB 3.0 USB hub for the convenience of design.

  • Price : $ 24.99
  • Where to buy : Amazon


Juiced Systems USB 3.0 hub

If you are looking for a USB hub with extra features, the Juiced Systems USB 3.0 Hub is a good option, since you will also have the option of an Ethernet hub.

This means that you can use the USB Hub as a USB to Ethernet adapter too, which is good when you want to organize all the wires on one side.

So, in total, there are seven ports – six USBs and one Gigabit Ethernet port.

Among the seven USB ports, one is a dedicated charging port and the hub can be used as a dedicated charging strip if you remove the USB connection.

To power all of these ports, the Juiced Systems USB 3.0 Hub is using a 12V power cable.

It also features an all-in-one on / off switch, which is useful when the hub is used as a charging strip.

The USB hub is comparatively smaller, which is a notable advantage.

  • Price: $ 39.99
  • Where to buy: Amazon


Anker AH241 USB 3.0 13-port aluminum hub

We’ve already added an Anker USB hub, and this is a great variant when you need a lot of ports.

This is to have 13 USB ports for data and power connectivity, along with a dedicated charging port.

This dedicated port can provide a 5V 2.1A output, which is really impressive when it comes to charging purposes.

Made of industrial-grade aluminum and recommended chipset, you don’t have to doubt the performance and durability of this hub.

There are two other ports as well – the USB 3.0 port and the DC input port.

On the other side, you would find an on / off button that can be used to turn the hub on or off.

It also has individual LED indicators for each USB port and you can find out if there is a data transfer process in progress.

  • Price : $ 79.99
  • Where to buy : Amazon


AmazonBasics USB 3.0 Port Hub

AmazonBasics is a trusted brand when it comes to basic accessories for your needs! The case is more or less the same when it comes to the case of USB hubs as well.

This USB hub is powered using an external power cable, but you can also choose a bus mode – if you don’t need an extra cable to use it.

We have listed the 7-port variant of the USB hub, but there are some other options with fewer and more USB ports.

In this package, however, you get a power adapter and a seven-port hub.

Of these seven ports, two are Fast SuperSpeed ​​USB 3.0 ports and offer the best transfer rates.

It is best not to use the USB 3.0 hub of AmazonBasics 7 Port for billing purposes, but it would be sufficient to extend the data transfer.

The hub does not offer many features, but it does the job for which it is intended.

  • Price : $ 31.49
  • Where to buy : Amazon


USB 2.0 hub with AmazonBasics 7 ports

You may be wondering why we selected this USB 2.0 port on our list, especially when the whole world needs a fast USB 3.0 scenario.

We added the AmazonBasics 7 Port USB 2.0 Hub mainly because of the convenient design that comes with it.

As you can see in the image, you can place it on your desk and connect all USB devices as you wish.

In a domestic setting, this hub may take up some space, but it is also very productive at the same time.

There are five ports on the front and two on the reverse side of the hub, which is also quite ergonomic.

These two ports on the reverse side can provide a 1, 2A output, and you can use them for faster charging of your devices.

However, despite the ergonomic design, the data transfer speed is limited to 480Mbps.

  • Price : $ 18.99
  • Where to buy : Amazon


Sabrent 10 Port USB 3.0 hub

If you prefer a Sabrent product with more USB ports, the Sabrent 10 Port USB 3.0 Hub makes a lot of sense, it seems.

You will have eleven USB ports in total, one of which has been optimized for fast charging.

You get a 5V 2A output through this single port and can be used to charge devices like Smartphones and others.

For the nine ports, you have individual LED indicator lights.

There is also an option to turn the USB ports on or off using the power button – a power button controls three ports, to be noted.

An AC adapter is included for an external power supply.

Overall, we find the Sabrent 10 Port USB 3.0 Hub as a valuable USB hub.

  • Price : $ 38.99
  • Where to buy : Amazon


Ukonnect Aluminum Hub with 4 USB 3.0 Ports

We have another rectangle-shaped USB hub that you can choose from – that is, Ukonnect Aluminum 4 Port USB 3.0 Hub! It is one of the cheapest USB 3.0 hubs you will get, not to mention the quality.

As the name says, you have four USB ports, each with an LED indicator.

However, the maximum output for each port is limited to 900 mA, which means that the USB hub is not as good when it comes to charging purposes.

Despite all this, it is worth buying a solution for the price you have to pay.

  • Price : $ 13.99
  • Where to buy : Amazon


HooToo 7 Port USB 3.0 Hub

The last USB hub on our list is the HooToo 7 Port USB 3.0 Hub, which is perhaps the best USB Hub you would get if you were ready to spend a little more.

This compact hub is recommended not only by ordinary users, but also industry experts and its features are also impressive.

In addition to the seven Super Speed ​​USB 3.0 ports you get, there are two dedicated ports for billing purposes.

The smart charging ports have a 5V output and two devices can be charged at a time.

We repeat, the HooToo 7 Port USB 3.0 Hub is an incredible choice when you have a medium budget, but need a high-quality, non-compromised, reliable USB hub for your home or small business needs.

  • Price : $ 35.49
  • Where to buy : Amazon

As we said in the introduction, we selected USB ports based on several factors.

What should be noted is that most of the USB hubs listed here need an external power supply.

Some hubs can work with the bus power supply, but to be at full performance, these USB hubs need an AC power outlet.

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