10 best type C USB headsets you can buy

10 best type C USB headsets you can buy

Whether some of us like it or not, the 3.5mm AUX port is going in the way of the dodo, and there’s no stopping it. Apple lit the flame by ending the feature on its iPhone 7 and 7 Plus last year, but many other companies have joined the exodus, with Google being the latest. So, even if you still have a nostalgic longing for legacy technology, the future is wireless, and the way things are now, wireless probably means Bluetooth. But if you still want a new pair of wired headsets, the USB Type-C is clearly the best way, so here are the top 10 USB Type-C headsets you can buy now:

The best USB-C headphones you can buy

1. Mi noise canceling USB type headphones

Xiaomi is best known for its smartphones, but the company makes some great accessories, with the Mi Noise Canceling USB Type-C headset being a classic case. They are high resolution audio certificates and come with 50 – 2000Hz active noise cancellation that cuts ambient noise above 25dB using micro-electromechanical microphones (MEMS) in each headset. He has a impedance speaker 32Ω and 113dB sensitivity . The headphones are made of titanium, while the braided cable is made of break-resistant Kevlar fiber, with the final sections coated in TPE to reduce friction, thus avoiding the «stethoscope effect» or noise interference.

The device also passed over 700 reliability tests that simulate real-world scenarios to ensure their performance and durability under extreme conditions.

Purchase: (~ $ 46)

2. JBL Reflect Aware C USB C-Sport In-Ear Headset

Like the Xiaomi headphones, JBL’s Aware C headphones also come with active noise cancellation . It also has the ‘ Adaptive Noise Control ‘, which allows users to adjust the level of ambient noise for a better perception of the environment. Noise cancellation can be controlled using the in-line remote control, which also features volume controls and a microphone for hands-free use. The buttons also have «fin» type ear tips that prevent them from falling out of your ears. Headphones are also sweat-proof, water-resistant and easy to clean, making them the perfect companion for your daily workouts.

It was launched last year alongside the HTC 10 smartphone and was the first pair of headphones launched with the USB Type-C connector. The device has dynamic drivers of 14, 8 mm and has a frequency response of 10 to 22 Hz. The cables are also tangled and highly reflective, providing better visibility in the dark.

Purchase: ($ 199)

3. Razer Hammerhead USB-C headsets

Announced alongside the Razer Phone recently, the Hammerhead USB-C headphones come with the same specifications as the original Hammerhead Bluetooth headphones, but with a USB-C connector. The audio is powered by 10 mm dynamic drivers with neodymium magnets which should help produce deeper bass and clear highs. The headphones have a frequency response in the range of 20 Hz – 20 kHz with one 32 Ohm impedance (with a 15% margin of error). THE sensitivity is 102 decibels at 1kHz . The device is currently available for sale on the official Razer website with free shipping to the U.S. for a limited time.

Purchase: ($ 79, 99)

4. VIOTEK Aqua USB-C Stereo Headset

Viotek Aqua headphones come with 8mm drivers with 100dB sensitivity . Can also convert analog audio files to lossless 24-bit / 96 kHz digital audio . While the ear buds are made of hypoallergenic ceramic, the cable is made of oxygen-free copper (OFC) and TPE to reduce static and interference. The device also comes with an extended cable almost 4 feet long and is accented with helical details. Viotec Aqua headsets are also compatible with many Androids and PCs, and while they do not offer active noise cancellation, unlike some of the other devices on this list, it is by far the least expensive of the lot and offers a very decent price. performance-performance ratio in terms of audio quality.

Purchase: ($ 19.99)

5. Libratone Q Fits ‘Made for Google’ headphones

Libratone recently announced a new line of its’ Q Adapt ‘products as part of the’ Made for Google ‘announced by the search giant last month. The device comes with proprietary technology ‘CityMix’ noise cancellation by Libratone and is complemented with a four-button remote to play, pause and receive or make calls. There is also a special “silence” mode that disables noise cancellation and mutes your music if you need to speak to someone without removing your headphones. The headphones, however, are made of plastic, unlike most other devices on the list, but the company includes several tips with the device to ensure the best fit.

Purchase: ($ 149)

6. HTC uSonic USB Type-C Earphones

Taiwanese technology company HTC may have partnered with JBL for Reflect Aware C, but the company also has its own brand of USB Type-C headphones. These uSonic headphones were first packaged as standard equipment with the HTC 10, and the second generation are being shipped with the U11 Life. While these are usually shipped with your flagship smartphones, they are also available to purchase separately from a very good price of 19, 99 dollars . While uSonic headsets work with all smartphones with the Type-C port, there is a huge limitation here. THE built-in noise cancellation feature works only on HTC U11 ($ 649). If you’re okay with it, these are still decent headphones to consider in this price range.

Purchase: ($ 19.99)

7. essential HD headphones

When Essential launched its Essential Phone without a headset, it did the right thing by launching two pairs of headphones with USB Type-C technology, the HD headphones and the Mini headphones. While the Mini is the more affordable of the two, the HD is packed with features. Well, Essential Earphones HD supports USB Audio Class 2 and uses a 9.2 mm high resolution driver, which should compensate for the high quality sound. The headset has a metallic structure, but I’m not sure if I like the rubber cord very much. It also has a multifunctional button, with which you can control music playback, make calls and even activate the Google Assistant. Although it looks great, the single button may seem limited. In addition, there is no noise cancellation, which can be good or bad, depending on your preferences. In addition, Essential Earphones HD is very noisy and has great bass, but for $ 100, the price is a little bit higher.

Buy: ($ 99)

8b. Sunwe USB type C headset

The Sunwe USB Type-C headphones are another great option for you, if you don’t want to spend hundreds on a pair of headphones. It has a built-in remote control that can be used to play, pause, skip forward / back and change the volume. It also allows you to make or receive hands-free calls. Sunwe USB C headphones come with a high resolution Sony DAC chip what converts audio analog pattern of 16 bits in audio 24-bit digital better quality . It also offers a 3D HiFi digital surround sound mode that can be turned on and off and, according to the company, is compatible with most smartphones that come with the USB-C port. Be aware, however, that it does not support calls on smartphones running Android Marshmallow, but it seems to work well with the Nougat and Oreo devices.

Purchase: ($ 23.99)

9. Eamplest Type C headphones

If you are looking for a pair of affordable USB-C headphones that are not «in-ear» type, you can take a look at the Eamplest type C headphones. These headphones support Sony’s high-quality, high-resolution audio standard, thanks to an independent DAC decoder chip, which should compensate for the sweet and sweet sound quality. There is also noise cancellation, which is definitely good to have. Also, as I mentioned, these are not the ordinary headphones, instead, they have a flat design, which many people find more comfortable. Then, there is the fact that Eamplest headphones feature a high quality wire that is pulling and resisting abrasion.

Purchase: ($ 20.89)

10. MagiDeal USB-C headsets

MagiDeal USB-C Earphones is by no means a great USB-C headset, but if you are on a budget and want to a cheap USB-C headset to get the job done, you can get them. These headphones must be super comfortable and have an anti-wrap design. In addition, it has a key to control music and calls and, as these headphones are USB-C type, they also reduce the loss of signal transmission, to make sure you hear the true quality of the music. While those were the good things about headphones, there are some negative aspects to that, too. For example, some people complain that these headphones are not loud enough and have strange audio problems. That said, at the price offered to them, it looks good enough.

Purchase: ($ 15.99)

Best Type C USB Earphone to Buy

So, these are some of the best USB Type-C headphones that you can buy right now. The market, admittedly, is not full of options because most people still prefer to use their older 3.5 mm headsets with adapters, or just use wireless headphones / headsets. However, if you like the idea of ​​using wired headsets with a native Type-C connector, these are the best you can get for your money now. So take what you like and don’t forget to let us know if it met your expectations.