10 best tips and tricks for the Asus Zenfone 5

10 best tips and tricks for the Asus Zenfone 5

The Zenfone 5 was one of the most popular smartphones at the time of its launch. If you are the owner of one and are looking for tips and tricks to get the most out of it, then you are in the right place. Keep reading this article and find out the best tips and tricks for one of Asus’s biggest hits in the phone market.

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Tip 1. Quick access to the camera on the lock screen

The latest versions of Android have a quick access shortcut to the camera from the lock screen. The interesting thing about Zen UI is to make this access possible by double clicking on the volume button. Perhaps for the sake of software, opening occurs faster than conventional. Try it!


Quick access to click photos / © ANDROIDPIT

Tip 2. Enter password in applications

An option requested by many users, but which hardly comes with factory devices, is the possibility to lock applications with a password. In the app drawer, choose the menu option in the upper right corner next to the Play Store icon. Select «lock», set a password and click «ok».

Once this is done, a gray padlock will appear in each application, and you must select the applications you want to block with the created password.


Your safest apps on Zenfone 5 / © ANDROIDPIT

If CM AppLock is not installed on your Zenfone, you can download it directly from the Play Store using the button below:

CM Locker-Screen LockInstall on Google Play

Tip 3. Hangouts as the default messaging app

Hangouts can be the default Zenfone 5 messaging app. To do this, you’ll need to click on “wireless and other networks” and set the default SMS app. To revert, just follow the same path and select the previous application.


Set Hangouts as the default messaging app for Zenfone 5 / © ANDROIDPIT

Tip 4. Adjust the keyboard height

In the system settings menu, you must select the “Asus keyboard settings” option and click on “adjusted keyboard height”. The height options vary between short, normal and tall. The smaller the width, the less the keyboard keys are expressed.

Also take the opportunity to change the keyboard theme of the Zenfone 5. In the same «Language and text» menu, select a theme and download the option that suits you best.


A different keyboard for each type of finger / © ANDROIDPIT

Tip 5. Use Easy Mode

Beginner users who have never had contact with Android smartphones, can find in this option a more simplified and intuitive interface. In the system settings, you must select «screen» and activate the «easy mode» option.

Once activated, the launcher and application drawer will receive a simpler interface, with larger icons and without the option to change the wallpaper.


Easy mode helps newbies / © ANDROIDPIT

Tip 6. Calibrate the display colors

Asus Splendid allows you to adjust the temperature and colors of the device’s display. For the adjustments to take place manually, the “live mode” option must be deactivated. The first tab displays the temperature control, and the “rise” tab displays the saturation control.

Adjustments vary according to the taste of each user, and should be adjusted with some care so that videos and games do not have their colors distorted.


How to heavily saturate your screen colors / © ANDROIDPIT

Tip 7. How to take better pictures with Zenfone 5

The camera sensor of the Zenfone 5 is from Sony, which offers good results and satisfactory image quality. With the tips and tricks in the article below, however, you’ll find out more about the functionality of the device’s camera software and be able to take even better photos with your Asus broker:


Capture photos with Zenfone 5 using the volume button / © ANDROIDPIT

Tip 8. Use Zenfone 5 on PC

If you like convenience, but hate having to use your computer and smartphone separately, know that you can use the Zenfone 5 via the PC. The application responsible for this magic is the PC Link, which is already installed at the factory in the smartphone in question.

To mirror the device’s screen, however, the Windows software must be properly installed. PC software can be downloaded from this link. That done, just connect the device to the computer, open the installed PC Link software and browse the phone with the mouse.

Tip 9. How to use camera modes

The camera modes of the Zenfone 5 are complete and please users. Each of them fulfills different functions, such as ‘Pouca Luz’, which is specific for poorly lit environments. The automatic mode is great for those who want practicality, and with the manual mode it is possible to regulate all the smartphone functions separately.

If you prefer a camera mode, just press it and take it to the first place. Whenever the camera is activated, the mode placed in the first position will be initiated by default.


Zenfone 5 camera modes / © ANDROIDPIT

Tip 10. Customize quick shortcuts

You can customize the notification bar by adding the shortcuts that are most used. Next to the clock in the notification bar, there is a pencil icon that allows you to change the order of these shortcuts. Select it and check the options you like best.


Zenfone 5 quick shortcuts / © ANDROIDPIT

Do you own a Zenfone 5? Do you know another tip to share with us?