10 Best Spot Echo Accessories You Can Buy

10 Best Spot Echo Accessories You Can Buy

Amazon Echo Spot ($ 109, 99) is probably my favorite Amazon Echo device. Since the day I put my hands on, I was on my nightstand without fail. I really like the versatility of my Amazon Echo Spot. For me, it’s an alarm clock, a smart speaker, an assistant, a music player, a smart home hub, and more. I love Amazon Echo Spot so much that I bought a lot of accessories to improve my experience with Amazon Echo Spot. Accessories help me use my Amazon Echo Spot in a better and more powerful way. If you also want to overload your Amazon Echo Spot, here are the top 10 Amazon Echo Spot accessories you can buy:

Best Amazon Echo Spot Accessories You Can Buy

1. Adjustable echo echo support from Amazon

Although the Amazon Echo Spot’s background is designed to allow users to place it on any flat surface, it doesn’t allow you to change the viewing angles of the device if you wish. That’s why I recommend you buy this adjustable stand for Amazon Echo Spot, which connects quickly to the device using a secure magnetic connection and allows you to adjust the viewing angles . This is very useful, as you can easily adjust your Amazon Echo Spot and use it, whether in bed, sitting on a chair or standing. Just buy this stand and use it for a week, and you won’t be able to return.

Buy from Amazon: $ 19.99

2. ADIKA Screen Protector for Echo Spot

Since Amazon Echo Spot comes with a screen, you should definitely put on a screen protector to prevent the screen from getting scratched or scuffed. Although there are a ton of screen savers for Amazon Echo Spot out there, I personally like ADIKA’s because it has a precision cut hole on the top that fits perfectly on the front camera of the Amazon Echo Spot . Not only does it make installation of the screen saver easier, but it also ensures that you get the best image quality when you’re talking to someone else. The fact that the screen protector comes in a pack of two makes this deal even better.

Buy from Amazon: $ 8.99

3. MERES 3ft Power Cable for Echo Spot

Although Amazon Echo Spot ships with a power adapter, I hate the fact that the wire is permanently attached to the adapter, as the adapter does not use a USB-A power supply system. This means that whenever you want to use your Amazon Echo Spot, you need to take the power adapter with you. If you want to avoid carrying an extra power adapter, you need to buy this MERES power cable that comes with a USB-A port, allowing you to connect it to any universal power adapter. Another advantage of using this cable is that you can even run Amazon Echo Spot using a portable charger that makes Amazon Echo Spot even more portable.

Buy from Amazon: $ 16.90

4. Amazon’s Echo Spot Power Adapter

Although the USB-A cable mentioned above is great for traveling with Amazon Echo Spot or using it when you don’t have access to the original power adapter, it does not replace the original charger. That is why, if you in any way cause damage to the original power adapter, you must purchase a replacement adapter. Fortunately, Amazon itself makes replacement power adapters for Amazon Echo Spot so you don’t have to rely on third-party accessory manufacturers.

Buy from Amazon: $ 19.99

5. XHS Silicone Case for Echo Spot

Since I keep Amazon Echo Spot on my nightstand as I use it as my alarm clock, the likelihood of my Amazon Echo Spot going down is more than other smart Echo speakers in my house. That’s why I always keep my Amazon Echo Spot in a case to prevent it from breaking if it falls. If you also want to protect your Amazon Echo Spot from breaking, buy this silicone case for Amazon Echo Spot from XHS. THE case offers ample protection for Amazon Echo Spot and can handle small drops and falls easily . The case comes in several colors so you can also use it to add more style to your Amazon Echo Spot.

Buy from Amazon: $ 12.98

6. Mission color skin for echo point

If you want to make Amazon Echo Spot stand out from the crowd, but you don’t necessarily want to install any cases, you can do that by applying skins. Skins are already popular in the smartphone world and now they are penetrating the market for other electronic devices as well. Applying a cover to Amazon Echo Spot will allow you to personalize your appearance and protect your body from minor scratches . The Mission skin is precisely cut to comfortably fit the Amazon Echo Spot while accommodating its speaker holes, microphone array and buttons.

Buy from Amazon: $ 14.99

7. MightySkins for Echo Spot

While Mission skins are meant to cover the body of Amazon Echo Spot, MightySkins skins allow you to customize the black front panel of the devcie . There are hundreds of different patterns to choose from, including and not limited to florals, wood, grains, diamonds and swirls. Each type of pattern is available in several colors and designs. With MightySkins, you can make your Amazon Echo Spot the way you want it.

Buy from Amazon: $ 9.99

8. Auxiliary Cable (AUX) DURAGADGET for Echo Spot

One of the things I love about Amazon Echo Spot and even other smart speakers from Amazon is the fact that they come with a 3.5 mm connector that basically allows me to play music using my smartphone or connect it to speakers without Bluetooth to turn them into smart speakers. However, for this, you will need a male cable with a double 3.5 mm connector. I love this one from DURAGADGET, as it is over 5 meters long, has gold-plated connections and has internal OFC conductive material (oxygen-free copper) for crisp audio quality with less volume loss.

Buy from Amazon: $ 9.99

9. Alexa Voice Remote for Amazon Echo Spot

While Amazon Echo Spot comes with a variety of microphones that can easily capture your voice even from a distance, there are some scenarios where you don’t want to yell at it. In these discrete cases, you will be better served by Alexa’s voice remote control, which allows you to talk to your Amazon Echo Spot from a distance without having to shout. The remote control is very similar to the remote control that comes with the Amazon Fire TV Stick and has a button at the top that you can press and hold to call Alexa and connect to your Amazon Echo Spot.

Buy from Amazon: $ 29.99

10. ECHOGEAR exit platform for Amazon Echo Spot

The last product on this list is an exit shelf from an ECHOGEAR company that allows easily convert any wall outlet into a small shelf that can be used to place electronic devices, such as Amazon Echo Spot . The stand is powerful enough to support weights up to 10 pounds. If you don’t have a nightstand and still want to put your Amazon Echo Spot there, this accessory can help you do that. It is one of the best accessories you can buy for your Amazon Echo Spot.

Buy from Amazon: $ 14.99

Bonus: 3 Year Protection Plan for Amazon Echo Spot

This is not a physical product, but a software accessory for your Amazon Echo Spot. As the name suggests, this is a protection plan for Amazon Echo Spot that not only covers normal warranty conditions, but also provides coverage for accidental damage to Amazon Echo Spot. For just $ 19.99, you can get free repairs for your Amazon Echo Spot for three years, which is just a crazy deal.

Buy from Amazon: $ 19.99

Use the best Echo Spots accessories!

This ends our list of the best Amazon Echo Spot accessories you can buy. I hope these accessories can help you make the most of your Amazon Echo Spot. Let us know what your favorite accessory is on the list. Also, if there is an Amazon Echo Spot accessory that you already love and use, but is not on the list, please let us know as well. The comments section is below.