10 best Samsung Galaxy S8 cases and covers you can buy

10 best Samsung Galaxy S8 cases and covers you can buy

The flagship of Samsung that everyone has been waiting for has finally arrived.

Samsung recently removed the covers of the Galaxy S8 and S8 + and we can’t stop drooling.

The curved Infinity display (Samsung’s term for frameless) and the seamless metal glass design are amazing.

In addition, it has top-of-the-line specifications, with the Snapdragon 835 and Exynos 8895 processors powering the different variants.

Along with that, the iconic packages in exclusive features, such as an Iris scanner, a pressure sensitive home button, front camera with autofocus support, the Bixby voice assistant, etc.

While the Galaxy S8 has IP68 water and dust resistance, the glass and metal design, along with the edge display can be susceptible to scratches and dents.

So, if you are planning to buy the Galaxy S8, Here are the top 10 Galaxy S8 cases and covers you can buy:


Clear View Standing Cover for Galaxy S8

Samsung offers a huge amount of accessories for the Galaxy S8 and the Clear View Standing Cover is arguably the best case for the Galaxy S8.

As the name suggests, the cover has a translucent matte front, which protects the screen and allows you to use swipe gestures to control calls, music, etc.

The cover also shows the date, time and notifications.

Along with that, the cover also functions as a adjustable stand, so you can set it up and watch movies, make video calls and more.

Overall, it is certainly a case of the Galaxy S8 that is worth checking out.

It is available in several colors, such as violet, black, gold, silver, blue and pink.

The cover should be available when the Galaxy S8 is released.

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Spigen Crystal Shell Cover for Galaxy S8

Spigen offers many excellent cases and covers for the Galaxy S8 and my favorite is the Crystal Shell case.

The Galaxy S8 is a beautiful-looking device and the Crystal Shell case ensures the industrial design of the device.

In addition, the case also provides ample protection for the device, with corner protectors and raised edges protecting the device.

In addition, as in other Spigen cases, there is Air Cushion technology, so you can be sure that your Galaxy S8 is protected.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 24.99)


Caseology Galaxy S8 Bending Case

I have tried caseology cases for several smartphones over the years and they are generally very good.

Well, they are offering several cases for the Galaxy S8, but I like the case of the Flex Armor.

The case brings the best of both worlds.

It looks great and brings great protection for the Galaxy S8.

First of all, the case brings great grip, thanks to the textured design.

Then, it has anti-slip and anti-scratch properties.

It is also shock-absorbent, thin and has responsive buttons, and raised camera and screen panels for added protection.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 14.99)


LED view Galaxy S8 cover

Samsung offers an LED cover for all of its Samsung flagships and the S8 is no different.

The LED View cover has LED lights, which show the date and time, notifications and more.

You can also disable alarms, answer or reject calls and do more, without having to open the lid.

The case also allows you to choose between 54 special icons, so you can see a lot of information quickly.

In addition, since it is a flip cover, you get great protection for your new Galaxy S8.

It is available in several colors, including Gold, Black, Violet, Silver, Blue and Pink.

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Incipio Carnaby case for Galaxy S8

Incipio offers a ton of great cases for the Galaxy S8 and the most stylish of the lot is the Carnaby case.

The case looks very elegant and also protects your new Samsung smartphone.

It is designed in a way that protects the Galaxy S8 from drops and is made up of premium fabrics that look great.

The Carnaby case is available in black, blue, gray and olive green and they look amazing.

I certainly like the design and texture of the fabric.

Buy from Incipio: ($ 34.99)


Keyboard Cover for Galaxy S8

The on-screen keyboard on Samsung devices is quite good, but if you don’t like it, you can always install an excellent third-party keyboard application.

However, there are some people who miss the good old days when phones used to touch QWERTY keyboard .

Well, if you are one of those people, you might want to check out the official keyboard coverage that Samsung offers for the Galaxy S8.

You can just attach the keyboard cover and the user interface of TouchWiz on the S8 will be adjusted automatically to support the hardware keyboard.

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Clayco Galaxy S8 protective wallet

The Clayco Protective case for the Samsung Galaxy S8 is a hybrid case, as you may have guessed.

Along with protective properties, such as the inclusion of hard PC and soft TPU materials, it has slots to store some cards or even some money.

In addition, the case is quite slim and features a premium and smooth design.

The case is available in several colors, such as Black, Blue, Gold and Rose Gold.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 12.99)


LK Slim Silicone Case for Galaxy S8

If you just want one simple and thin case for your Galaxy S8 that doesn’t add much weight to the device, then you should take a look at the LK Silicone case.

The case may be exceptionally thin, but it still offers great protection for the device.

It has a high quality, resistant and flexible TPU that is shock absorbent, unbreakable and scratch resistant.

The case also offers great grip, which is missing for the S8, considering that it has a glass backrest.

In addition, the LK silicone case has raised edges to protect this beautiful curved screen.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 7.99)


Spigen Galaxy S8 Case Liquid Air Armor

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is a sleek-looking device and if you keep your profile slim, the Spigen Liquid Air Armor case should be a good buy.

The case is constructed with a premium TPU layer that is mounted on the Galaxy S8 to maintain a slim profile and ease in pocket the device.

It also has a matte finish, which results in great adhesion and resistance to fingerprints.

There is also Spigen’s famous Air Cushion technology, which results in great shock absorption in case of falls.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 12.99)


Tonertone Flip Galaxy S8 Leather Folio Case

Samsung offers some great folio cases for the Galaxy S8 that also featured additional functionality.

However, they are very expensive, in which case you should check the Tonertone’s Leather Folio Flip cover.

The cover has precise cut doors and is made of PU leather and TPU composition.

In addition, the cover is only 0.3 mm thick and has a kick stand, as well as card slots .

So, there is a lot of functionality that the case offers and it also brings a velvet feeling, which many people appreciate.

The case is available in black, blue, gold and rose gold.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 10, 49)

The best Galaxy S8 cases and covers to protect your device

The Galaxy S8 is undoubtedly the best Samsung flagship of all time and features a design that has been universally loved.

So, if you bought an S8, I’m sure you love it.

However, it is quite an expensive device and I suggest you take a case with it.

Well, these are in fact the best cases and covers for the Galaxy S8 that you can buy.

In addition, we will update the list with more cases and covers as soon as they arrive.

So, be sure to check this page.

That was all, let me know your thoughts on the S8 and the cases and covers in the comments section below.

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