10 best PS4 controller skins you can buy

10 best PS4 controller skins you can buy

The Playstation 4 is an amazing game console, capable of handling high-performance AAA titles with ease and allowing hours of non-stop fun. While there’s no denying that Sony’s design language with the Playstation 4 has been a staple, and the stealthy black look really suits the console, players may want to customize their PS4 controllers to make them unique and cool. So, if you’re looking for DualShock 4 skins for your PS4 controllers, here are the top 10 skins for the PS4 controller that you can buy:

1. DecalGirl Tetrads PS4 Controller Skin

What could be better than making your PS4 controller look cool with a nod to one of the classic “back in the day” games? This DecalGirl cover is designed to make it look like a Tetris game is being played on your DualShock 4 controller. The skin uses a high quality adhesive for easy application, without bubbles, and removal of any residue, if you need to remove it. DecalGirl skins are made in the USA, and are backed by their problem-free replacement warranty. If you like classic old games, this PS4 controller skin is definitely the one to go with.

Buy on DecalGirl: ($ 9.99)

2. The skin of the Joker PS4 controller

Let’s be completely honest, we all love The Joker, and what better way to show your love for the iconic villain than by putting a Joker skin on your PS4 controller? The skin is made by Skinit and is officially licensed by DC Comics. Skinit prints its skins with the highest quality control standards, which ensures that the skin is a perfect fit for your controller, and leaves no residue after removal.

Skinit Purchase: ($ 14.99)

3. NHL LA Kings DualShock 4 skin

For hockey lovers who support the LA Kings, this skin from Skinit is a great option to consider. The skin is made of high quality premium materials so it looks good in control. In addition, the precisely manufactured skin ensures that it is a perfect fit for your PS4 controller. This LA Kings skin is officially licensed by the NHL and will definitely show your love for the team you support. The skin of the NHL LA Kings is also scratch resistant and can protect your controller from scratches and minor scratches.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 14.99)

4. NFL Afflicted Skin

If you are the type of person who likes to show his love for football, you should definitely check out this Skinit NFL skin. The skin is available to many NFL teams, so you will probably find one for your team as well. As with all other Skinit skins, it is made of high quality materials, and is a perfect fit on the PS4 controller. In addition, if you want to remove it later, you can do so without worrying about any residue left in the controller.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 14.99)

5. The Captain America Avenger PS4 Skin Controller

Marvel fans, this is a definite must buy for you. This DualShock 4 case has the captain america’s shield on the control touchpad, with the “The Avengers” logo on the right wrist. THE skin is officially licensed by Marvel and is made with the highest quality materials to ensure a comfortable, durable feel. In addition, you can remove the skin whenever you want, without worrying about leaving residues in control.

Skinit Purchase: ($ 14.99)

6. Spider-Man Skin for PS4 Controller

Another skin for Marvel fans everywhere, this skin has Spider-Man looking everywhere. Designed and manufactured by GameXcel, the skin is made of materials in high quality and is crafted using advanced techniques to perfectly fit the PS4 Dualshock 4 controller. The skin is scratch resistant and UV resistant, so it protects your controller against daily wear and tear and does not fade over time, unlike many other skins. In addition, if you want to change the skin, you can simply peel it and it will leave no residue.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 5.96)

7. Retro Skin PS4 Horizontal Controller

Most of us have been playing video games since we had cartridges that said 99-in-1, and actually had only 10-12 games in them… If you miss those days of 8-bit games like Mario, Bomberman and the rest, This skin horizontal retro will certainly make you nostalgic. The skin is made by DecalGirl, and is made from high quality materials, with reinforced adhesive from 3M to ensure that no residue remains if you decide to peel your skin.

Buy at DecalGirl: ($ 9.99)

8. Batman Logo Skin for the DualShock 4 controller

If you’re a Batman fan (who isn’t?), You might want to take a look at this Batman logo PS4 controller skin. The skin is made of high quality materials for a smooth feeling and a good finish. In addition, it uses adhesive that leaves no residue after removal, so you can remove the skin freely if you get bored. Not that anyone would ever get bored of Batman.

Skinit Purchase: ($ 14.99)

9. Black skin of PS4 reaper controller

For fans of dark themes and darker skins, the 247Skins black reaper skin is probably a good one to check out. The skin has a general dark theme, with a reaper holding a scythe exactly where the PS4 controller touchpad is. The skin is made of non-slip vinyl in high quality, so you can play without having the control slipping from your hands. In addition, the adhesive on the skin leaves no residue on removal. The skin is also resistant to UV rays, so it will not fade, so you can be sure that the skin will last a long time.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 6, 14)

10. Spring Breeze Skin for PS4

If you’re looking for something much more elegant, artistic and as far away from comics and reapers as possible, that spring breeze skin is definitely the one you should go to. The skin follows a pink theme and looks very beautiful. It is made of high quality materials and uses a 3M adhesive that leaves no residue after removal .

Buy at DecalGirl: ($ 9.99)

Get the best PS4 controller skins

While there’s no denying that the PS4’s controls really look really cool, they have nothing to say that you can’t make them look even worse if you want to, and these skins will definitely help you do that. There are many different skins on this list, and I tried to include a variety of skins, so no matter what type of skin you are looking for, you will probably like the skin. As always, I would like to hear your thoughts on the idea of ​​putting skins on your PS4 controllers, and if you know of any other great DualShock 4 Skins, let me know about them in the comments section below.