10 Best Protective Cases for Sony Xperia Z5

10 Best Protective Cases for Sony Xperia Z5

Launched in October of last year, the Sony Xperia Z5 is considered the best camera phone from the renowned manufacturer, with its 23 MP rear shooter – which comes with hybrid AF, sharper zoom and better low-light photography! In fact, it has some impressive specifications as well, not to mention the waterproof IP68 certification and tri-luminous display. The Xperia Z5 is powered by a 64-bit SoC Snapdragon 810 and everything is good, considering the latest Google Android v5.1 Lollipop, the top that is taken by Sony customizations.

Despite having an IP68 rating, which protects against dust and water, some of you may need extra protection. You would certainly need this if you accidentally drop your phone frequently or when you are a very rude smartphone user. In any case, it is a good precaution to obtain a protective case. Here, we have listed some of the best Xperia Z5 protective cases that you can buy now.

1. Vostrostone KuGi Xperia Z5 case

We start the list with an impressive Xperia Z5 protective case from Vostrostone, a well-known brand. The case works well with all Sony Xperia Z5 carrier variants and there are no conflicts, whatever. Along with protection, this hard case has been designed to make your device look good, with a smooth design and touch. And, according to what the company says, it is extremely light. Being a difficult case, the main component is rigid polycarbonate and some other materials. Vostrostone surface The KuGi Xperia Z5 case has been optimized to repel slips and there is protection against dust, scratches and damage caused by falls and falls.

  • Price : $ 6.90
  • Where to buy : Amazon

2. Sony case for Sony Xperia Z5 SCR42

Here is the official cover of the Xperia Z5, from the same manufacturer. In that case, we have no room to doubt its quality or design accuracy. It is certain that all your accessories and other components should work well with the case cover, which is a little more expensive. Sony Cover for Sony Xperia Z5 SCR42 is actually a flip cover with a smart window feature. Through this Smart Window, you can take a look at important notifications, widgets or something you have in the settings. In addition, there is complete level protection, even when providing access to sections such as the fingerprint sensor. The case gives your Sony Smartphone an elegant look and is available in four different colors, such as Black, White and Generic Gold.

  • Price : £ 34.99
  • Where to buy : Official Sony Store

3. Slim Fit Xperia Z5 case from Spigen

Coming from the Thin Fit series of Spigen Smartphone cases, this hard case for your Xperia Z5 is as amazing as it looks and looks. As the name says, it is thin and there is no additional volume. However, it should be noted that the material used for the construction is premium polycarbonate, which is strong enough to withstand the bumps and drops you may encounter. Also, let it be a fingerprint scanner or volume rocker, you have clear access to such sections. On the sides of the camera and the screen, the panels were raised to increase protection. And most of all, the Spigen Thin Fit Xperia Z5 case ensures an elegant look for your device.

  • Price : $ 11.99
  • Where to buy : Amazon

4. Spigen Crystal Clear Xperia Z5 case

If the aforementioned case was replacing the real style and design of your Xperia Z5, this one does not. It’s crystal clear in the sense that the transparent design allows you to see what’s inside. The protective layer is a mixture of a TPU bumper and a polycarbonate layer, protecting against bumps and falls. Speaking of transparency, the layer is clear enough to let you see things, but the button sections have been pronounced to provide a better experience. In addition, to ensure that the camera and the screen are not damaged when placed upside down, there are buttons on both sides. The best part is that you regain the thinness of the Xperia Z5 even with this Spigen Crystal Clear Xperia Z5 Case on it.

  • Price : $ 12.99
  • Where to buy : Amazon

5. Crystal Clear Ringper Fusion Xperia Z5

This premium case from Ringke’s Xperia Z5 is also transparent and you don’t need to lose your device’s natural style and design. It works well with the Xperia Z5 and Z5 Dual and the weight will not be affected much in any case. When it comes to the case of the protective layer, we can find a TPU bumper accompanied by Active Touch technology. It is offering complete access to its buttons, ports and other essential sections; the dust covers in the door section are very effective for protection purposes. By the way, when you buy Ringke Fusion Clear Crystal Xperia Z5 Case, you get a free HD screen protector too. It is available in Crystal View and Smoke Black.

  • Price : $ 10.99
  • Where to buy : Amazon

6. Rugged Case for Xperia Z5

Here, we have the first robust case made for the Sony Xperia Z5, by MoKo. It is a sturdy double layer case that is able to protect your device from drops, falls and bumps of different types. Without compromising on convenience, it offers access to all ports and buttons and you can use the fingerprint sensors quite smoothly. In addition, as we arrive at the double layer, the inner layer of TPU and the outer layer of polycarbonate have been combined to achieve an effective construction. In addition, it has an integrated stand that you can use for a convenient viewing experience on your Smartphone. By the way, you get a lifetime warranty from MoKo – just in case, if there is a problem with the product.

  • Price : $ 7, 95
  • Where to buy : Amazon

7. OEAGO Rugged Dual Layer Xperia Z5 case

Here comes another robust yet affordable protective case, manufactured by OEAGO. As you can see in the image, the design of the case is resisting sliding and scratching at most. And construction can successfully withstand almost all types of falls and collisions. This is because there is a special layer of TPU to protect the device’s body from shocks as much as possible. It should be noted that the corners of the case use double thickness TPU – to take life from the corner face drops, which should break the screen. In addition to all these features, the OEAGO Rugged Dual Layer Xperia Z5 case comes with a built-in stand that can be folded when not in use. For the price you pay, everything is fine.

  • Price : $ 7.99
  • Where to buy : Amazon

8. IVSO Ultra thin Sony Xperia Z5

The ultra thin Sony Xperia Z5 case from IVSO is a basic protective case for your Xperia Z5 Smartphone and its design is very thin and easy to handle. No matter how thin you get, the case is made using a hybrid of green polycarbonate, which is one of the best raw materials used in the industry. Coming to the sides of the case, the use of the UV injection process of clean matter must be observed and the calm appearance of your Smartphone will be activated at the end. In addition to this, the play-through design philosophy of the Sony Xperia Z5 ultra-slim case from IVSO is designed to allow you to access all ports and buttons.

  • Price : $ 7.50
  • Where to buy : Amazon

9. Xperia Z5 LK Double Layer Cover

This hybrid protection case Xperia Z5 from LK is a good companion for your Smartphone, if you need good construction and ease of use. The case is available in four different color variants and the material used for shock absorption and drop resistance is very effective in the long run. The case is a mixture of durable plastic and silicone material and will be resistant to common forms of obstacles such as dust, dirt, etc. Speaking of its design, the case follows the philosophy of light design even allowing access to doors and buttons. When we have the easiest installation, the LK Hybrid Dual Layer Xperia Z5 is a good case for your Xperia Z5.

  • Price : $ 7.99
  • Where to buy : Amazon

10. TUDIA Ultra Slim Xperia Z5 case

The last protective cover of the Xperia Z5 that we found on this list is from TUDIA, which is also available for affordable prices. As you can see in the image, the case does not affect the style of your Sony Xperia Z5; nor does it add much volume to it. Other notable features of the TUDIA Ultra Slim Xperia Z5 case include raised edges on the display and camera sections and complete control of the buttons and ports. In addition, the case makes use of good material to create TPU as well. For the price you pay, you get a satisfactory protective case – that’s it.

  • Price : $ 9.90
  • Where to buy : Amazon

Well, what protective case do you use for your Sony Xperia Z5? Let us know in the comments section.